Salvia or Sage

Lovely perennials that are a must have in the garden, once you have had one you will find that you come back for more. They have lovely whorls of flowers that have a very long flowering season. They bare green foliage that can be scented.

Another tip on the salvias is that they are known to taste good in food and they are also thought that they hold healing properties that will keep you feeling well and healthy.

Where To Site Your Salvia

These beauties look fab planted in herb / veg gardens. Or just part of mixed flower borders. They should be planted front to the middle of the border as not to hide their lovely smells.

They are great for attractive butterflies / bees and other friendly insects into the garden.  

How To Grow Salvia

Plant in well drained soil, ideally in full sun.

dead head any spent flowers throughout the flowering period, this will encourage new blooms to come through.

We do suggest that in the winter you do trim them back and some varieties will need a mulch with either bark or compost

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  1. Salvia Endless love 3 Litre Pot
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    Salvia Endless Love have aromatic bright green leaves and bears stiff racemes of purple flowers. Learn More
  2. Salvia Plumosa 3 litre Pot
    Salvia Plumosa are neat, clump forming perennial with narrow, green leaves. In late spring and summer bears stiff racemes of deep blue flowers over a long period. Learn More
  3. Salvia May Night 3 Litre Pot
    Deep blue flowers over a long period Learn More
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