Phlox are fantastic perennials; they make nice big clumps. They have lovely panicle flowers that come in masses of solid bright colours, ideal for brighting up any border and they do have a good height about them. 

The only thing that can let them down is sometimes they do have a yucky yellowly brown leaf, it does tend to be worse in the pot than in the ground, so you might want to find a companion planter to go in front. 

They should be used more regularly as they are such a showy plant you will fall in love with them, especially when they keep coming back. 

Where to Site Your Phlox 


These are best planted in the middle to the border to get the best enjoyment out of the cloudlike flowers an hiding the foliage.  

Ideal for creating a garden cottage theme or the natural meadow garden. 

Also, the perfect pollinator for insects.  

How to Grow and Look After Your Phlox 

They are easy to grow which is another reason why, they like nice well drained soil and flower best in the sun but as they are a natural wood land perennial, they can tolerate some shade.  
Once they have finished flowering you can prune hard back leaving about 2 centimetres as that way you know where they are 

If you wish to propagate the best method would be division. This can be done early spring or late summer. 

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