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Pervoskia or Russian Sage 

Don't get confused its not the yummy cooking sage, however you can nibble the flowers if you fancy. The pervoskia also has a history of being used for bringing temperatures down.

Although it does make a lovely upright perennial that has heavenly fragrant grey green foliage and masses of violet blue flowers from late summer to autumn. Ideal for inviting bees and insects into the gardens 

Where to Site Your Pervoskia  

They look really lovely when planted on mass and mix well with grasses and echinaceas which creates a meadow effect. 

How to Grow and Look After Your Russian Sage 

Plant in moist well drained soil, in a full sun position. They do grow well in coastal locations as well.  

Pervoskia can be managed by pruning any unwanted branches and to also maintain the plants structure. 


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