Penstemon or Beardtongue

An easy perennial to grow especially for the non-gardners that would like to plant and watch.

Beautiful tubular flowers that are available in all colours

Where to Site your Pensetmon

These are perfect for mixed borders or praire type gardens - positing to the front to the middle of the border

How to Grow and Look after your Penstemon

They like nice free draining soil, can have a little shade to full sun if possible each spring when you see the new shoots trim back the old ones.

Other than that you can sit back and enjoy the gorgeous flowers that they produce in late summer going into autumn, if in a sheltered site you might be able to enjoy flowers in October.

If in a really cold region we do suggest to mulch over with bark or compost.

Trim once after the winter weather is over usually in late April or early May until then old stems provide valuable frost protection for the new shoots 

Dead head any spent flowers during the flowering period.

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