Hemerocallis or Daylilies

Are known by gardeners as the perfect perennial, it has dazzling flower colours, thrives pretty much anywhere. Hemerocallis are clump forming grass like perennials with strap like green leaves and masses of flowers that last for a various amount of time from one day to a few weeks.

The daylilies botanical name means Beauty of the Day

Some varieties are used in Chinese cuisine, they are sold fresh or dry and in Asian markets are called gum jum or golden needles.

Where to Site Your Hemerocallis

Best planted in 3’s or 5’s to show them off. They are a great companion to ornamental grasses and small shrubs.

How to Grow and Look after Your Hemerocallis

Most varieties like to be planted in sun, but darker flowers can go in semi shade.

Thrives pretty much in all soils and can tolerate drought.

These are not troubled by diseases or pests.

Daylilies do need dividing after 4/5 years….

They require very little work and the flowers look very nice in arrangements

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