Digitalis or Foxglove

Clump forming perennials. They have large green leaves and on tall stems they have tubular flowers during the summer months, it is a known fact that the foxglove flowers fit perfectly on the tip of your finger like a thimble.

Where to Site Your Digitalis

Perfect perennial which is versatile for any garden whether it be mixed flower borders cottage borders, woodlands or wildflower gardens.

How to Grow and Look after Your Digitalis

If growing from seed the first year is just foliage and then the second year, they will throw up a tall flower spike.

Other than that, they are easy to grow and like sun or part shade a nice healthy soil.

Feed in spring with a general granular fertilizer and mulch round with well-rotted manure or composted bark.

We suggest that once they have finished flowering you trim off the old stems and give them a liquid plant feed – sometimes this can encourage a second flush of flowers

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