Delphinium's are an excellent perennial to give that extra height in a border. One of the most popular perennials, a good flowerer that also adds a cottage garden feel to the border. They have deeply lobed basal, green leaves with beautiful racemes of flowers from summer onwards. Once they have finished flowering, they produce seeds which are often shiny and black.

Where to Site Your Delphinium

A poplar cottage garden perennial, these are perfect for attracting bumble bees and butterflies into the garden.

How to Grow and Look after Your Delphinium

They like to be planted in good soil and sun or semi shade. Shelter from any strong winds as his will damage the flower heads.

Dead head throughout the flowering period, and once they have finished properly, trim flower heads to keep them looking tidy. 

They can be divided in spring if they need it.

Do not eat the delphinium seeds or any part of the young plants.

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