Bergenia or Elephants Ear

Pig squeak are nice leafy ground cover or clump forming plants. One of the first perennials to flower in early spring from large leathery lime green leaves. The flowers are usually a shade of pink and stand up like candles looking like slim hyacinths. They keep most of the foliage all year and in truth when they flush the new growth in spring you are ready for the change as they start to look tired.

Called pig squeak because when you squash the leaves together they squeak or elephants ears for the size of their leaves.

Where to Site Your Bergenia

They look great at the front of the border as they do not grow very tall.

How to Grow and Look after Your Bergenia

Bergenials are a very tough and resilient perennial that can tolerate most soil conditions and prefer shade to dappled shade

Deadhead any spent flowers to encourage more. Throughout the year remove any dead brown leaves on the plant to keep them looking tidy.

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