Astrantia or Hatties Pin Cushion

Masterwort are one of those perennials that keep getting better every time you see them. They keep growing and flowering all summer with stunning star shaped flowers in various shades of white, pink and red on long stems.

A very versatile plant that is a must for everyone.

Where to Site Your Astrantia

Astrantia are perfect for filling the perennial borders.

How to Grow and Look after Your Astrantia

They do grow in the sun, but they particularly thrive in woodland gardens in moist, fertile soil and full or partial shade.

In autumn the perennials ned a good tidy up, the foliage and stems should be trimmed back to the flower (if you don’t want them to self-seed)

These do self-seed if you keep the flower heads on after they have finished flowered.

They can also be lifted and divided in spring if you wish.

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