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Allium or Ornamental Onions

Alliums are stunning eye-catching perennials with their slender stems and large globular flowers which are made up of small star shaped flowers. They have large strap like foliage that bears the strong smell of onions.

Where to Site Your Allium

These are perfect for creating the cottage garden theme or planting as part of a mixed border.

How to Grow and Look after your Allium

To plant onions they like all soil types, if you are on heavy soil then add grit to the area beforehand and prefer full sun if possible.

If you are using these as cut flowers, to leave a good amount of foliage on the plant, to give the bulb a chance of making enough food to survive the winter.

Also, when the foliage starts to turn brown it is best to leave this alone until the whole plant has died back. As this is the time, they are making the food, if you do get tempted to remove the foliage early then you may not get flowers the next year.

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