Alchemilla or Ladys Mantle

Alchemilla or lady's mantle are tough plants with lime green veined leaves, scalloped and serrated on the edges. Sprays of small, yellow-green flowers appear in summer and autumn.

The flowers foam over the top of the pleasing foliage, that when wet, the droplets lay in beads as if the leaves were waterproof.

The name comes from early alchemist’s view that the water droplets laying on these plants was the purest source for their use in trying to turn lead into gold.

Where to Site Your Alchemilla

Anyone can grow these plants and once you have one, you will always have one, as they seed all over making them the epitome of a cottage garden plant.

How to Grow and Look after your Alchemilla

These trusted perennials grow well in moist well drained soil in sun or partial shade.

Cut the foliage back hard once it has finished flowering and then give them a good granular fertiliser, this will then encourage fresh new growth and more flowers later in the year

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