Ajuga or Bugle

Ajuga or bugle are native, spreading evergreen, perennials with attractive green and purple leaves and predominately blue flowers. Flowers form short spikes and are usually tubular in shape which certain butterflies seek out.

Where to Site Your Ajuga

Ajuga form a dense mat of greenery up to 50 cm high making a lovely ground cover. They are ideal for a cottage garden or flower bed as well.

How to Grow and Look after your Ajuga

Ajuga are very simple to grow as they will tolerate acid, alkaline or neutral soil and they are best suited to partial shade although they can tolerate both full sun and full shade.

Do not require pruning. Doesn’t require any feed either.

As these plants grow by runners, they are very easy to re-direct, simply lift them up and point them in the right direction and they will soon be away.

These can be divided in spring which is advised to do every few years just to prevent any overcrowding.

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