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Crocosmia or Montbretia

Rarely known as fallen stars, are fantastic reliable perennials. They have green, lance shaped leaves and on arched stems they produce trumpet shaped, zig-zag flowers in August onwards

The name corcosmia is derived from the word 'krokos' meaning saffron

Where to Site Your Crocosmia

They are perfect for planting in mixed borders with shrubs normally in the middle as they look quite nice peeping through.

How to Grow and Look after Your Crocosmia

They want to be planted in rich soil in sun or part shade. Although flowers are best in full sun.

Remove any spent flowers to encourage new, cut the stems where they meet the foliage. After they have finished flowering keep the foliage, so the plant can put its energy back into the blub for the winter.

The should only be divided every 3-4 years in early autumn to increase flower power.

These are pollinated by insects, birds or even by the wind.

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