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Here at Grasslands, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse array of plants, perfect for all types of gardens and landscapes. Our selection of perennial plants come in a great variety of colours and sizes, providing the perfect decoration for any traditional English border, flower bed or hanging basket. 

Perennial plants can live for many years, returning summer after summer and continuing to grow until they have fully developed. Although they only tend to flower for a couple of weeks a year, during this period they provide your garden with an abundance of life and vibrant colour. After perennials have flowered, their shoots begin to deteriorate, and eventually disappear over the course of the year. However, the root system remains intact and it is from this root system that next year’s flowers grow. 

We usually suggest planting perennials in groups no larger than three to five different varieties for maximum effect, though smaller groupings can also produce stunning results. With such a wide choice of perennials on offer, here are just a couple of options to help you decide which type of plant is perfect for your garden.


The iris is a beautiful and reliable perennial plant. Taking its name from the Greek word for  ‘rainbow’, this popular plant can add multiple splashes of colour to any hanging basket or border of your choice. With so many different varieties of iris, coming in a wide range of contrasting hues and shades, it is the perfect perennial plant when you are looking to inject some much needed colour into a lifeless garden. From the stunning vibrancy of the Blue Hill iris to the watercolour-esque Sea Breeze iris, there is an iris for every style, size and type of landscape.

Irises are also ideal for the casual gardener. They are extremely easy to grow and don’t require an excessive amount of maintenance, making them a stress-free yet classy option. They thrive in sunlight, but can also grow in semi-shaded areas, and develop best in a well drained soil. However, certain varieties of irises are semi-aquatic, meaning they flourish in shallow water just deep enough to cover the crown all year round. These irises are great for cleaning water in ponds, absorbing all the nutrient pollution including oil and bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. So, if you have a pond or natural water feature in your garden, they are the perennial for you.


Another Grassland favourite is the potentilla. These herbaceous perennials are mound forming, making them perfect for filling space quickly in your garden. They will bring a vibrant mix of colour and volume to any border or hanging basket in which they are planted, and fill out any area of your garden that needs some thickening out. Potentilla have a distinct strawberry plant look and usually develop to have bright and vibrant pink petals. This ever popular perennial is commonly covered in pretty flowers all summer long, and when planted in groups provides a subtle yet effective floral impact. Our range of potentilla are also very simple to grow, maintain and reproduce, making them a staple of the amateur gardener.

If iris and potentilla don’t quite fit the bill, we have an extensive range of perennials for you to choose from, so be sure to have a good browse of this page and find the right perennial for your garden. 

If you have any questions or would like advice about which perennial plants might work best in your garden, feel free to get in touch with our expert team. Here at Grasslands, we are always happy to help - just give us a call or an email. Alternatively, why not pop into our nursery in Knutsford? We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Premium plants at affordable prices
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Grasslands Nursery are a trusted and respected nursery, with a reputation for producing top-quality plants.
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Expertly grown and cared for
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We want our plants to live a long, healthy life so we’ll advise you about planting on purchase and share tips on our blog.
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