Bamboo Hedging Help and Information

Bamboo Hedging Help and Information
Immerse new plants in water immediately, by first taking them out of the pot. Never allow them to dry out. Bamboos are evergreen plants and perform best in rich moist soil. It is important to incorporate generous amounts of compost or well rooted manure to enrich the soil. Being very shallow roots they appreciate a good thick mulch of bark, compost, manure or leafmould. Keep well watered twice weekly for the next 3 months until they are established, then water during any dry spells. It is essential to thoroughly wet the soil so that the water penetrates down to the roots. If the bamboo is planted late in the year mulch heavily and try to give protection from cold drying winds.
They can also be grown in large containers but more care is required. Plant in good soil based potting compost and take care never to allow to dry out. Always make sure they have plenty of compost in the pot and that the pot is not just full of roots. Leave at least 4 inches at the top of the pot free to allow for ease of watering.
Feed during late spring and summer with a general purpose granular fertiliser and re-new the mulch layer.
The leaves are borne on small branches which encircle the canes. In spring there is considerable yellowing of the leaves followed by some leaf drop. This is normal as new leaves are produced. Some of the old leaves often become papery and brown and stay attached to the plant long after they are finished.



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