Larger Shrubs

Larger shrubs can give instant maturity to a garden or scheme. The impact they have and the spaces they fill can sometimes cost much less than their individual price tag.

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  1. Abies Procera Glauca 70 Litre Bowl Pot

    Abies Procera Glauca upright, pyramid shaped conifer with silvery blue foliage.

    Learn More
  2. Acer palmatum Dissectum 6.5 Litre Pot
    Tiered pyramid of arching hand like branches of beautiful emerald cut leaves. Fantastic autumn colours from orange to red. Learn More
  3. Acer palmatum Dissectum Viridis 1/4 Standard 25 Litre Pot
    Tiered pyramid of arching hand like branches of beautiful bright green cut leaves. Fantastic autumn colours from orange to red. Learn More
  4. Acer palmatum Inaba Shidare Half Standard 25 Litre Pot
    Acer palmatum Inaba Shidare is a slow growing shrub with arching branches that carry deeply divided purple foliage that become crimson in autumn Learn More
  5. Arbutus Unedo 9 Litre Pot
    Arbutus - strawberry tree are grown for their attractive bark and edible strawberry like fruits Learn More
  6. Aucuba Japonica Crotonifolia 15 Litre Pot

    Dark green, glossy leathery leaves heavily mottled with yellow. In spring they bear small purple flowers. They will grow in almost full shade as well in the sun. 

    Huge 15 litre specimen size

    Learn More
  7. Azalea Japonica Johanna 15 Litre Pot
    Azalea Japonica Johanna beautiful low growing shrub with bright green foliage that bears masses of carmine red flowers in April / May. Learn More
  8. Azalea Japonica Purple Splendor 15 Litre Pot

    Azalea Japonica Purple Splendor stunning compact evergreen shrub with dark green oval foliage and purple flowers in May / June.

    Learn More
  9. Azalea knaphill Anneke 5 Litre Pot
    Azalea knaphill Anneke are medium sized deciduous azalea, Large trumpet-shaped, scented yellow flowers with bright yellow spots in May Learn More
  10. Betula Utilis Jacquemontii Multi stem 20 Litre Pot 2-2.5 Metre
    Fantastic white peeling bark, pretty green rustling foliage turning butter yellow in autumn. Ideal for the small to medium garden. Learn More
  11. Callicarpa Imperial Pearl 10 Litre Pot
    Callicarpa Imperial Pearl in a specimen sized 10 litre....Leathered in fruits! Learn More
  12. Callicarpa Imperial Pearl 4.5 Litre Pot
    Callicarpa Imperial Pearl bear stunning purple flowers in summer, green foliage that turns autumnal oranges before dropping off, followed by unreal purple berries for the winter display Learn More
  13. Camellia Jap. R.L.Wheeler 30 Litre Pot

    Large red flowers with a yellow centre

    Specimen sized example

    Learn More
  14. Camellia Japonica Blood of China 10/15 Litre Pot
    Camellia Japonica Blood of China has rich green foliage and masses of showy red flowers borne mainly in winter and spring. Learn More
  15. Camellia Japonica Dr Burnside 15 Litre Pot
    Large double scarlet red flowers in early spring. Specimen sized example. Learn More
  16. Cephalotaxus Harringtonia Fastigiata 15 Litre Pot
    Stunning evergreen conifer similar to taxus but these have larger green foliage and faster growing. Perfect for restricted areas. Learn More
  17. Choisya Ternata 5 Litre Pot
    Choisya ternata is the plain green variety, much stronger growing, with five petalled white flowers through summer, height can reach up to 1.5-2m. Learn More
  18. Cordyline Torbay Dazzler 20 Litre Pot
    Cordyline Torbay Dazzler Produces leaves with bold cream stripes and margins and large panicles of small fragrant cream flowers Learn More
  19. Cornus Magic Flame 10 Litre Pot
    Cornus Magic Flame deciduous shrub with stunning yellow and orange canes through out winter, in summer contrasting green foliage complaint each other well Learn More
  20. Cornus stol. Flaviramea 10 Litre Pot
    Bright greenish-yellow, young shoots in winter and oval, dark green leaves. Learn More
  21. Cotinus Golden Golden Lady 4.5 Litre
    Golden green foliage, bright orange new shoots Learn More
  22. Cupressus sempervirens 20 litre pot 150-175cm
    Cupressus also known as an italian cypress is a classic narrow pencil shaped conifer. Learn More
  23. Dryopteris erythrosora brilliance 5 litre Pot
    Semi-evergreen fern, producing a red colour on lush green fronds. Grow in moist, humus rich soil in partial shade and sheltered site.H70cm Learn More
  24. Elaeagnus x Ebbingei Compacta 5 Litre Pot
    Elaeagnus x Ebbingei Compacta are evergreen bushy dense shrubs with glossy grey green leaves and white fragrant flowers that smell divine in autumn, even though they are almost unseen beneath the leaves. Makes a great quick growing screening plant. Learn More
  25. Elaeagnus x Ebbingei Compacta10 Litre Pot 60-80cm
    Elaeagnus x Ebbingei Compacta or Spotted Oleaster fantastic shrubs or hedges with the silver grey foliage and fragrant flowers. Learn More
  26. Elaeagnus x Ebbingei Maryline 9 Litre Pot
    Maryline is a new introduction and a striking plant. Olive green leaves are centrally marked yellow that brightens up as the year progresses. Silvery beneath with hidden highly scented flowers in autumn/winter.Slower growing form that keeps more compact and less prone to revertion Learn More
  27. Euonymus Alatus Compactus 30 Litre Pot

    A dwarf variety, that has corky bark and fabulous winter colours make this a great border backstop.

    Learn More
  28. Euonymus japonicus Albomarginata 15 Litre Pot

    Euonymus japonicus Albomarginata bears variegated foliage, dark green foliage with a subtle white margin.

    Clipped into a ball shape

    Learn More
  29. Euonymus japonicus Aurea 9 Litre Pot
    Euonymus japonicus Aureus Evergreen, bushy shrub with bright gold and lime green variegated foliage. Will bring colour to any area of the garden. Learn More
  30. Fargesia Angustissima 5 Litre Pot
    Special Price £25.00 Regular Price £32.50
    .Fargesia Angustissima are highly attractive variety producing bright magenta and lime green coloured new shoots. These are covered in a cream coloured sheath which produces white powder on the leaves which can give a frosty appearance. Learn More
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