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  1. Photinia Red Robin Pleached Full Standard 180cm ST 140x120cm
    This photinia has been formed as a flat road sign like structure on top of a 1.8 metre clear stem. The frames are approx 1.4m high x 1.2m wide, Girth of stem 8/10cm Learn More
  2. Pyracantha Soleil D'Or 11cm Pot 30/40cm

    White flowers in spring and yellowish orange berries in huge bunches in autumn. Ideal for keeping out pets/intruders.

    Pyracanthas grow quite fast and make fantastic hedges or against the wall plants. Plant 2 or 3 per metre 

    Learn More
  3. Choisya Ternata Sundance 11cm Pot
    Choisya Ternata Sundance grown for their brightly coloured foliage and scented flowers Learn More
  4. Hardy Shrub Mix 11 cm Pots x 20 Plant Mix
    Special Price £75.00 Regular Price £90.00

    Can't pick a mix to save your life?  We know how hard it is for the beginner or with our busy modern lives. Trust us, and let us do it for you.  We will pick for you what you need to create a contrasting mix to give you all season interest. Some evergreens and some deciduous shrubs.

    As a rule we would suggest planting 4 plants per square metre to create some instant visual impact. It should easily do 5sqm of a border

    All Established in 11 cm pots (about an extra large coffee mug size)

    Special 20 plant mix

    Learn More
  5. Camellia Japonica Mayaki Dori 3 Litre Pot
    Gorgeous white flowers with creamy yellow centres in early spring. Learn More
  6. Miscanthus s. Kleine Silberspinne 2 Litre Pot
    Miscanthus s. Kleine Silberspinne are graceful clump forming deciduous perennial grass with narrow leaves centrally spined with white. Pink-tinged branched clusters of flowers in autumn. Learn More
  7. Viburnum Tinus Spirit 5 Litre Pot
    Viburnum Tinus Spirit - Laurustinus - flowers continuously from autumn to spring with deep pink buds opening to white flowers, glossy dark green leaves Learn More
  8. Green Leylandii Hedging 80 Litre Pot 3.5 - 4 Metre
    Special Price £180.00 Regular Price £225.00
    Green leylandii Hedging. Pot Grown Colossal specimens over 4 metres tall. Plant 1 to the metre. You need help to move these, very large and heavy. Learn More
  9. Philadelphus Belle Etoile 2 Litre Pot
    Philadelphus Belle Etoile is a deciduous shrub of arching branches with green leaves; highly scented single white flowers tinged purple in the centre, in late spring and early summer Learn More
  10. Mahonia Winter Sun 3 Litre Pot
    Mahonia Media Winter Sun has deep yellow fragrant arching flowers in large clusters in autumn/early winter. Learn More
  11. Bamboo Phyllostachys Aurea 5 Litre Pot 120/150
    Narrow pointed yellowish to golden green leaves. Learn More
  12. Phyllostachys Aureosulcata Spectabilis 20 Litre Pot 160-180cm
    Phyllostachys Aureosulcata Spectablilis - lime green foliage sat amongst sulphur yellow and green striped canes. Learn More
  13. Choisya Ternata 5 Litre Pot
    Choisya ternata is the plain green variety, much stronger growing, with five petalled white flowers through summer, height can reach up to 1.5-2m. Learn More
  14. Betula Utilis Jacquemontii 6/8cm Girth

    They look great on their own, but fabulous if you have room for a small grove of them.

    Root Ball 

    Learn More
  15. Cupressus sempervirens 20 litre pot 150-175cm
    Cupressus also known as an italian cypress is a classic narrow pencil shaped conifer. Learn More
  16. Agapanthus Golden Drop 2 Litre Pot
    Agapanthus Golden Drop beautiful variety with variegated green and yellow foliage and lilac blue flowers. Height can reach 40cm Learn More
  17. Leylandii Castlewellan Gold 18 Litre Pot 200cm

    Nice bushy and tall gold conifer at almost 2 metres. Can be planted at 1 per metre, or up to 2 per metre for an instant hedge.

    Learn More
  18. Photinia Red Robin Pleached Full Standard 200cm ST 120x120cm

    This photinia has been formed as a flat road sign like structure on top of a 2 metre clear stem. The frames are approx 1.2m high x 1.2m wide, Girth of stem 8/10cm

    Learn More
  19. Yew Ball 15 Litre Pot 35-40cm
    Yew Ball formed from mature english yew. Width at 35-40cm Learn More
  20. Phyllostachys Bissettii Bamboo 15 Litre Pot 120/150cm

    Phyllostachys Bissettii - green caned bamboos they have dark green, narrow leaves and canes.


    Learn More
  21. Laurel Hedging Specimen Trimmed Potted Root Ball 220/225cm

    Monstrous specimen trimmed Laurel at 220/225cm, Width 70cm all the way up. Field grown and potted into a 110 litre pot to keep them fresh and moist

    Learn More
  22. Photinia Red Robin Bush 3.5 Litre Pot
    Photinia red robin is a popular evergreen shrub or small tree with glossy dark-green leaves, the young growth a bright brilliant red. Learn More
  23. Amelanchier Robin Hill Standard 8/10cm Girth

    Amelanchier Robin Hill beautiful tree with pale pink flowers opening from pink buds, foliage opens in a bronze colour before turning green then lovely shades of orange for the autumn display. 

    Wire Root Ball Specimen 

    Learn More
  24. Acer Rubrum Red Sunset Standard 8-10cm Girth

    Acer Rubrum Red Sunset has an upright habit, lovely green foliage that has stunning reds and orange leaf display for autumn

    Wire Root Ball Specimen 

    Learn More
  25. Photinia x fraseri Pink Marble 10 Litre Pot
    Interesting form of this garden favourite. A cracking evergreen that will light up a border or make a great screen. Learn More
  26. Laurel Hedging Root Ball 80/100cm

    Chunky field grown hedging that can be planted at 2 per metre.

    Digging Now

    Learn More
  27. Acer palmatum Bloodgood 4.5 Litre
    Acer palmatum Bloodgood has deep purple lobed foliage that in autumn turns deep reddish purple Learn More
  28. Daphne x transatlantica Summer Ice 1.5 Litre Pot
    Daphne x transatlantica Summer Ice is a beautiful semi evergreen shrub that has green foliage edged in white-with heavily fragrant white flowers pink tinged. Learn More
  29. Hydrangea Petiolaris 2 Litre Pot
    Hydrangea Petiolaris, a beautiful, deciduous climber. They have green leaves with lovely lacy heads of small flowers. Learn More
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