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  1. Box Hedging 10 Plants in a Tray 10-15cm
    100% of 100
    Box hedging, 10-15cm high. For the patient gardener who doesn't mind waiting and enjoys watching plants grow. Very easy planting, all you need is small trowel. The idea is 1 pack per metre of hedge. Learn More
  2. Laurel Hedging 100/120cm 20 Litre
    Extra wide bushy field grown and potted plants, ready to go now and will only get more expensive as they grow get them now while they are smaller money. Plant up to a metre apart and wait or 2 per metre for a more instant hedge that will fill out to 140/150 by the end of summer. Learn More
  3. Osmocote Pre Plant 1 KG
    Osmocote Preplant provides the ultimate season long nutritional needs for trees, plants and shrubs. It's what we professionals use when potting. It has a slow release system that provides what the plant needs for a whole season. Follow the dosage and in one hit the plant is right for the year. Learn More
  4. Vitax Q4 Multi Purpose Compost 56 Litres
    Vitax Q4 Multi Purpose Compost 56 Litres - High quality, Irish peat-based compost with the addition of Vitax's pro fertilizer included. No recycled wood waste in this compost making it light and extremely high quality. We've tried peat free compost and, as much as we want it to, nothing does very well in it Learn More
  5. Green Leylandii Hedging 4.5 Litre Pot 100/110cm
    Green leylandii Hedging, Wide, faster growing variety, Plant 2 to the metre

    These plants are in stock now and are ready to be dispatched, get yours today while stocks last!

    Learn More
  6. Box Sempervirens Hedging 30 cm 1.5 Litre Pot
    Nice chunky pot grown hedging plant at 30cm and established in the pot for planting any time Learn More
  7. Cherry Laurel Hedging 20 Litre Pot Grown 165/175cm
    Cherry laurel pot grown for planting all year. New Seasons fresh stock already 165-175 cm and bushy, it will be 2 metre by the end of summer. Plant 2 per metre for instant or up to a metre apart if you can wait a bit for them to knit together Learn More
  8. Phyllostachys Bissetii Green Bamboo 15 - 30 Litre Pot 150/180
    Phyllostachys Bissettii - green caned bamboos are the best hedge for windy spots compared to the other bamboo they form a nice dense hedge. All bamboos here are potted on in April to allow new canes, the plant size is as shown in the picture Learn More
  9. Empathy Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi 360g
    100% of 100
    The best start and a lifetime of benefits for your plants. Learn More
  10. £9.00
    Green Privet 4.5 Litre
    Green Privet 5 Litre 140/150cm
    Special Price £9.00 Regular Price £10.95
    Green privet in a 5 litre pot grown. Plant 2 per metre or 3 for an instant look. Learn More
  11. Box Hedging 35-40 cm 7.5 Litre Pot
    Potted over winter from the field making them super fat bushes at about 30 cm wide. For an instant hedge plant 3 or 4 to the metre. Learn More
  12. Portuguese Laurel 2 Litre Pot
    Portuguese Laurel or Prunus Lusitanica. New seasons at 40-50 cm. Plant 2 or 3 per metre . Learn More
  13. Photinia Red Robin 9 Litre Pot 120-130 cm
    Standing 100cm + tall with plenty of breaks. If planting for a hedge use 2 per metre, but don't forget they make a fantastic feature shrub as well. Learn More
  14. Prunus Lusitanica Myrtifolia 15 Litre 140 - 150 cm
    Bushy pot grown new season example at over 140cm growing away fast. Plant 2 per metre to form a hedge. Learn More
  15. Laurel Hedging 15 Litre Pot 90/100cm
    New seasons plants, new growth all over. Approx 1 metre already and 40cm wide and growing hard. Learn More
  16. Athyrium nip. Metalicum 3 Litre Pot Extra Heavy Plant
    Athyrium nip. Metalicum very pretty, deciduous fern, the frond mid-rib and central vein flushed red, with a silvery flush towards the centre. Learn More
  17. Thuja Emerald 180/200cm Ready End May - June
    Thuja Occidentalis Emerald or Smaragd. (poor choice of name) A great looking Emerald Green hedge, at 180/200cm tall you can space these plants at 1 or 2 plants per metre, They are a naturally cone form of a conifer. They will make a screen that will virtually need no maintenance. They also make fantastic specimens or formal avenue planting. Learn More
  18. Box Hedging 60/70cm 15 Litre Pot
    60/70cm tall and extra wide. Potted in winter from our field grown bushes, making them extra fat bushes. For an almost instant hedge plant 2 to the metre. Learn More
  19. Vitax Q4 4.5KG Tub
    Vitax Q4 is an outstanding all-purpose fertiliser, Q4 Pelleted Fertiliser is a favourite amongst experienced gardeners and a ‘must have’ product for producing bigger, brighter blooms and bumper crops. Learn More
  20. Photinia Red Robin 30 Litre Pot 150-175cm
    An established specimen Photinia measuring 150/175 cm, and wide Learn More
  21. Laurel Hedging 210-220 cm Super Size 130 Litre
    A specimen of a laurel measuring 210-220cm deep and chunky at 90-100cm wide most of the way up the plant. These can be planted at 1 per metre and will give an instant screen. A different beast entirely to the usual plant. When they are left in the field for a few years they become much much heavier in form. You will need a few strong men to get these in position. Learn More
  22. Yew Hedging Extra Bushy 80-100 cm Ready End May - June
    Yew Hedging at 80-100 cm. 2 per metre for best results. Learn More
  23. Prunus lusitanica Angustifolia 100/125cm 15 Litre Pot
    Portuguese Laurel at 100/120cm. Plant 2 per metre or push them up closer for an instant screen. Learn More
  24. Choisya Ternata 5 Litre Pot
    Choisya ternata is the plain green variety, much stronger growing, with five petalled white flowers through summer, height can reach up to 1.5-2m. Learn More
  25. Hawthorn Hedging 60/100cm 3 Litre Pot
    Hawthorn hedging is a popular, deciduous, native hedge with prickly stems and green foliage . We would suggest planting 3-4 to the metre or for an instant screen you can plant more. It's not called quick thorn for nothing and if you kill off competition,water and feed them the will grow another 2 feet or more by the end of summer Learn More
  26. Ophiopogon Niger 1.5 Litre Pot
    Ophiopogon Niger evergreen perennial with arching black foliage and small purple flowers in summer Learn More
  27. Trachelospermum Jasminoides 4 Litre Pot 180cm
    Pure white highly perfumed flowers are produced in mid and late summer. Over 2 metres and climbing Learn More
  28. Eucalyptus Gunnii Azura 15 Litre Pot 2.5 - 3 metre
    New hardier form of this fabulous tree or shrub. Blue green foliage often cut for flower arranging. Learn More
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