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  1. Box Hedging 10 Plants in a Tray 10-15cm

    Box hedging, 10-15cm high. If you are looking to create an instant looking hedge we suggest planting between 7-10 to the metre. At just 77p each, this is an ideal and cost effective way to create a lovely, formal hedge. 

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  2. Laurel Hedging 160/180cm 40 Litre Potted

    A lot of laurel for your money weighing in at 160/180 tall and 60/70cm wide.They can be planted at 80/90cm apart.

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  3. £66.80
    Photinia Red Robin 30 Litre Pot 220/240cm
    Photinia Red Robin 30 Litre Pot 220/240cm
    Special Price £66.80 Regular Price £85.50
    Photinia Red Robin 220/240cm are fantastic chunky tall plants, Learn More
  4. Osmocote Pre Plant 1 KG
    Osmocote Preplant provides the ultimate season long nutritional needs for trees, plants and shrubs. It's what we professionals use when potting. It has a slow release system that provides what the plant needs for a whole season. Follow the dosage and in one hit the plant is right for the year. Learn More
  5. Box Hedging 30/40cm 7.5/10 Litre Potted

    Chunky fat box hedging. Potted from our field grown bushes making them very full and fat. We would suggest planting 3/4 to the metre to create an instant super bushy hedge

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  6. £15.40
    Box Hedging Jumbo 6 Plants in a Tray 25cm Internet Special Price
    Special Price £15.40 Regular Price £17.50

    Box hedging, 25cm high. In a handy tray for easy planting, these bushy buxus are a great way to get a formal hedge at little outlay at only £2.50 each.1 pack to the metre

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  7. Laurel Hedging Rotundifolia 7.5 Litre Pot 70-90cm
    Potted and rooted in to a 7.5 Litre Pot from our field grown production over winter. Around 90 cm and breaking out all over, they are as wide as they are tall and can be planted at 2 per metre they will make a a beautiful hedge of 120cm, or more with extra feeding, by the end of summer. When we use the field grown bushes they are so much wider. Learn More
  8. £24.50
    Laurel Hedging 110-120cm 30 Litre Pot Grown
    Special Price £24.50 Regular Price £27.50

    Plant 1.5 per metre for quickest results or stretch them out up to 1 metre and wait a year. Super wide for the hieght

    Last 100 Learn More
  9. New
    Box Hedging Root Ball 40 - 50cm
    Box Hedging 50-60cm 10/15 Litre Potted

    These are beautiful examples of Box hedging plants, coming in at 50-60cm tall. We suggest 3 to the metre, you would be hard pressed to squeeze in 4. They are pretty much evenly 55cm tall and 30cm or more wide real beauties.

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  10. Empathy Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi 360g
    The best start and a lifetime of benefits for your plants. Learn More
  11. TopBuxus Grow 5kg
    A specialist fertiliser developed by a major Box plant grower to produce healthy growth. Learn More
  12. Box Sempervirens Hedging 25cm 2 Litre Pot
    Nice chunkey hedging plant at 25cm+ Grown in the field and potted up in winter, now ready to be planted all summer. For an instant hedge at 25cm plant 6 to the metre. Learn More
  13. Trachelospermum Jasminoides Pleached Wall frame 25 Litre Pot

    A beautiful, evergreen climber with glossy, green leaves that change to red and bronze in the autumn. You will be rewarded with wonderfully fragrant star shaped flowers throughout the summer months. Frame measures 80cm wide and 150cm Tall. What a great way to plant an instant boundry hedge without taking up hardly any garden.!

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  14. TopBuxus Health Mix 200g
    Keep your buxus looking healthy, nutrients are absorbed directly into the leaves. Learn More
  15. Empathy Rootgrow Professional 2.5ltr
    The best start and a lifetime of benefits for your plants. Learn More
  16. Green leylandii Hedging 180/200cm 25/30 Litre Pot

    Green leylandii Hedging, height 180-200cm, wide, faster growing variety, the original number 1 leyland. Plant 1 to the metre and wait or 2 per metre for instant

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  17. New
    Instant Box hedging Trough 40cm High
    Instant Box hedging Trough 40cm High
    Instant Box Hedging trough is perfect for creating a quick and easy screen, that can be kept in the decorative pots. The length of the trough is 45cm, height of the box is 40cm and 15-20cm wide. Ideal for creating partitions within the garden, balconies or pavement cafes. Learn More
  18. Prunus Lusitanica Myrtifolia 160-170cm 30 Litre Pot

    If you want an excellent alternative to common laurel then these are for you. Plant 1 or 2 to the metre for instant screening.

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  19. Golden Bamboo Phyllostachys Aurea 30 Litre Pot 180/200cm
    Phyllostachys Aurea - groved canes,bright mid-green at first,becoming brown yellow when mature, New Canes all over. Learn More
  20. TopBuxus Grow 500g
    A specialist fertiliser developed by a major Box plant grower to produce healthy growth. Learn More
  21. Photinia Red Robin 9 Litre Pot 120cm
    100% of 100

    In a 9 litre pot and currently measuring 100-120cm in height. Nice and stout

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  22. Wisteria Sinensis 10 Litre Pot 175-200cm
    Wisteria Sinensis - Chinese wisteria - are vigorous woody climbers with twining stems. Pinnate green leaves and long pendulous racemes of fragrant pea like flowers in Spring onwards. Learn More
  23. Lavender angustifolia Hidcote 2 Litre Pot
    Scented dark blue flowers all summer long. Finished flowering and pruned for winter Learn More
  24. £55.00
    Photinia Angustifolia Compacta 30 Litre Pot 160/175cm
    Photinia Angustifolia Compacta 30 Litre Pot 160/175cm
    Special Price £55.00 Regular Price £95.70

    Compact Growing form of this popular evergreen hedging, height now approximately 160/180cm.

    Very bushy, but is ready to be potted on

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  25. Cherry Laurel Specimen Pruned 220/240 cm 50/60 Litre Potted
    These are a different plant completely to the normal hedge quality laurel. These have been pruned frequently to make them into more of an instant screen. They are fairly consistent in width to the top of the bush. The idea being when they are placed right next to each other will form an instant screen at about 230cm with a few shoots up to 250cm that will soon fill in this spring to give full cover at 250+ by early summer. We have dug them and settled them into a 60 litre pot to allow them to be planted all spring into summer. To meet the instant screen you need to allow for 1 every metre Learn More
  26. New
    Green Leylandii Hedging 50 Litre Pot 225-250cm

    Green leylandii, height 225-250cm, Plant 1 to the metre

    Recently potted from a 25 litre to keep them growing. 

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  27. Trachelospermum Jasminoides 12 Litre Pot 3 Canes 150cm
    Star Jasmine have beautiful, fragrant white flowers throughout the summer months Learn More
  28. Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Repens 5 litre Pot
    Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Repens - glossy green leaves and large panicles of bright blue flowers in late Spring and early Summer. Just potted on from a 2 Litre Learn More
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