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  1. Laurel Hedging Root Ball 110-125 cm New Potted

    Chunky field grown hedging that can be planted at 2 per metre.

    Digging Now

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  2. Laurel Hedging Root Ball 180/200cm Digging Now

    Chunky field grown hedging that is 180/200cm high, can be planted at 1 or 1.5 per metre

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  3. Box Hedging 10 Plants in a Tray 10-15cm
    100% of 100
    Box hedging, 10-15cm high. For the patient gardener who doesn't mind waiting and enjoys watching plants grow. Very easy planting, all you need is small trowel. The idea is 1 pack per metre of hedge. Learn More
  4. Photinia Red Robin 9 Litre Pot 120-140cm
    Photinia Red Robin. Italian heritage plant which means it grows more upright.... better for hedging in particular. Learn More
  5. Laurel Hedging Cherry Laurel 5 Litre 80/100cm
    Nice fresh 2020 container grown laurel. plant 2 or 3 per metre. 80-90cm high Learn More
  6. Sinclair Professional Growing Medium 75 Litre

    Want to plant your trees and shrubs in the compost we use? - this is it. Not normally available for the public, but we have put some aside for you.

    It's beautiful peat based compost that everything grows well in. Even the rhododendrons. It's a bit more money than the usual, but it's worth it and it's a much bigger bag. Not for the peat free customer as it is mostly pure high grade peat, but we feel it is the best you can buy.

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  7. Box Hedging 30 cm Bare Root Digging Now

    Bare root plant For an instant hedge at aprox 30cm tall plant 6 to the metre.

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  8. Green Privet Bare Root 80/100cm Digging Now
    Special Price £2.00 Regular Price £2.35

    Bare Root Plants at 80-100cm


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  9. Laurel Hedging Novita Root Ball 140/160cm Digging Now

    Chunky field grown hedging that is 140/160cm high, can be planted at 2 per metre.

    Digging Now

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  10. Green Leylandii Hedging Root Ball 175/200cm

    Field grown, chunky root ball plants, that can be planted at 1 per metre or 2 per metre for a more instant hedge

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  11. Bamboo Phyllostachys Aurea 18 Litre Pot 180/200cm
    Narrow pointed yellowish to golden green leaves. Super bushy plant, newly potted into a 30 litre pot to keep them growing and stop them getting dried out. Learn More
  12. Black Bamboo 18 Litre Pot 200-220cm
    A beautiful clump forming black bamboo with arching habit. Canes normally green the first year becoming mottled dark brown or black. Newly potted into a 30 Litre Pot to keep them fresh Learn More
  13. Laurel Hedging 11cm Pot 25-30cm

    Nice fresh container grown starter sized laurel plant 3 per metre. If you ever get tempted by bare root laurels, stop and buy these. Bare root laurels very often completely fail. These little beauties are, not a lot more, and are safe to plant any time. Learn More

  14. Box Hedging Jumbo 6 Plants in a Tray 20cm
    Box hedging, 20cm high. In a handy tray for easy planting, these bushy buxus are a great way to get a formal hedge at little outlay. 6 plants per pack - 1 pack to the metre Learn More
  15. Vitax Q4 4.5KG Tub
    Vitax Q4 is an outstanding all-purpose fertiliser, Q4 Pelleted Fertiliser is a favourite amongst experienced gardeners and a ‘must have’ product for producing bigger, brighter blooms and bumper crops. Learn More
  16. Laurel Hedging Root Ball 200/220 cm Digging Now

    An impressive field grown hedging plant that is 200/220 cm high, can be planted at 1 per metre

    Digging Now

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  17. Rosmarinus Officinalis 2 Litre Pot
    Rosmarinus Officinalis are evergreen, bushy, dense shrub with aromatic, narrow leaves. Small, blue/white flowers appear from mid-spring to early summer and sometimes in autumn. Learn More
  18. Vitax Q4 Rootmore 250G
    Q4 Rootmore contains a blend of mycorrhizal fungi, seaweed, humates, beneficial bacteria and biostimulants to create stronger healthier plants. Learn More
  19. Hornbeam Hedging 80/100 cm Bare Root Digging Now

    Well feathered at 80-100 cm You need at least 3 per metre for a hedge.

    Digging Now

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  20. Osmocote Pre Plant 1 KG
    Osmocote Preplant provides the ultimate season long nutritional needs for trees, plants and shrubs. It's what we professionals use when potting. It has a slow release system that provides what the plant needs for a whole season. Follow the dosage and in one hit the plant is right for the year. Learn More
  21. Polystichum Jade 2 Litre Pot
    Polystichum Jade are evergreen ferns with glossy dark green fronds with young foliage a lovely yellow green and covered hair like golden scales. Learn More
  22. Bamboo Phyllostachys Aurea 9 Litre Pot 150/170cm
    Narrow pointed yellowish to golden green leaves. Super bushy plant, freshly potted into a 20 litre to keep them growing Learn More
  23. Thuja Brabant Root Ball 120/140cm Digging Now
    Special Price £14.50 Regular Price £17.75

    Chunky root ball plant at 120/140cm, plant 2 per metre

    Digging Now

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  24. Thuja Brabant Root Ball 150/175cm DIGGING NOW

    Chunky root ball plant at 150/175cm, plant 2 per metre


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  25. Portuguese Laurel Root Ball 100/120cm Digging Now

    Beautiful field grown root balls, height 100/120cm, plant 2/3 per metre

    Digging Now

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  26. Vitax Tree, Shrub Planting Fertiliser 0.9G Pouch
    Provides the best possible start when planting. Boosts establishment of all trees and shrubs. Feeds right through the year for intensive root growth. Learn More
  27. Vitax Buxus Feed 1Kg
    Buxus Feed contains vital plant foods and trace elements required for good establishment and strong healthy growth of Buxus. Learn More
  28. Chamaecyparis l. Columnaris Newly Potted Root Ball 140/160cm
    Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Columnaris Attractive slow growing conifer with a tidy columnar habit and glaucous blue foliage. Grows slowly to quite a large specimen in any soil or position. Learn More
  29. Green Leylandii Hedging 20 Litre Pot 180/200cm
    Special Price £45.00 Regular Price £52.50

    Green leylandii Hedging, Wide, faster growing variety, Plant 1 to the metre and wait or 2 per metre for instant

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