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  1. Green Bamboo Bissetti 12 Litre Pot 180/200cm
    Phyllostachys Bissettii - green caned bamboos are the best hedge for windy spots compared to the other bamboo they form a nice dense hedge. Ready for planting or potting. Learn More
  2. Laurel hedging 25 Litre Pot Grown 160/180cm

    Bushy large laurel at 160-180cm, will screen out fast. 2 per metre for instant or 75cm apart for optimum room.

    Learn More
  3. Sinclair Professional Growing Medium 60 Litre

    Want to plant your trees and shrubs in the compost we use? - this is it. Not normally available for the public, but we have put some aside for you.

    It's beautiful peat based compost that everything grows well in. Even the rhododendrons. Not for the peat free customer as it is mostly pure high grade peat, but we feel it is the best you can buy.

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  4. Laurel Hedging 7.5 Litre Pot 100/120cm
    Special Price £18.50 Regular Price £21.30
    Nice fresh pot grown 2020 Laurel. Plant 2 per metre. Learn More
  5. Box Hedging Jumbo 6 Plants in a Tray 20cm
    Box hedging, 20cm high. In a handy tray for easy planting, these bushy buxus are a great way to get a formal hedge at little outlay. 6 plants per pack - 1 pack to the metre Learn More
  6. Laurel Hedging 5 Litre Pot 90/100cm
    Special Price £11.00 Regular Price £13.55
    100% of 100
    Nice fresh bushy Laurel, smothered in new growth. Average height is about 1 metre. Plant 2 per metre Learn More
  7. Vitax Q4 Multi Purpose Compost 56 Litres

    Vitax Q4 Multi Purpose Compost 56 Litres - High quality, Irish peat-based compost with the addition of Vitax's pro fertiliser included. No recycled wood waste in this compost making it light and extremely high quality. This is our choice for your plants to thrive in.

    Due to the high demand and a shortage of available sacks, the bag they have used to put this in is the one for the "plus John Innes" but it is the correct compost, just in the wrong bag!!

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  8. Lavender Angustifolia Hidcote 2 Litre
    Compact evergreen shrub with narrow grey-green leaves and fragrant spikes of deep purple flowers in summer Learn More
  9. Photinia Red Robin 30 Litre Pot 160-180cm
    An established specimen Photinia measuring 170-180 cm, and nice and bushky. Ideal for a specimen or 2 per metre would make a fantastic hedge. Learn More
  10. Laurus Nobilis Or Sweet Bay Laurel 12 Litre Pot 160/175cm
    Beautiful, formal hedge that bears sweetly scented foliage, plant these at 2 per metre for a scented hedge. If you live in an urban area where the garden is better sheltered than in the countryside or a seaside garden where frosts are less common, you can't beat the smell from the hedge as is fills the entire garden on a hot day. Learn More
  11. Hydrangea Arborescens Annabelle 4.5 Litre Pot
    Hydrangea Arborescens Annabelle - Massive round white flower heads among big green leaves in summer and autumn. Special price for online orders only Learn More
  12. Vitax Tree, Shrub Planting Fertiliser 0.9G Pouch
    Provides the best possible start when planting. Boosts establishment of all trees and shrubs. Feeds right through the year for intensive root growth. Learn More
  13. Trachelospermum Jasminoides 3 Litre Pot 100/125cm
    Pure white highly perfumed flowers are produced in mid and late summer Learn More
  14. Pyracantha Red Sapphire 4.5 Litre Pot 100cm+
    Bright red berries in huge bunches from autumn. Big bushy plants. Plant 2 per metre Learn More
  15. Photinia Red Robin 9 Litre Pot 90-110 cm
    Photinia Red Robin 100cm. Italian heritage plant which means it grows more upright.... better for hedging in particular. Learn More
  16. Laurel Hedging Rotundifolia 35 Litre Pot 150-175cm Extra Bushy
    Nice super wide bushy example that can be planted 60-70cm apart. Learn More
  17. Photinia Red Robin 5 Litre Pot 50 cm
    Special Price £12.50 Regular Price £16.00
    Ideal chunky specimen plant that can be planted as a stand alone shrub or an ideal hedger. They had a frosting a few weeks since, when we cut them back hard. They have come back twice as bushy and look special. Learn More
  18. Tetrapanax papyrifer Rex 10 Litre Pot
    Tetrapanax - are fantastic evergreen architectural shrubs. Huge green foliage that is lobed, new growth and undersides are covered in woolly hairs. Learn More
  19. Thuja Emerald 35 Litre Pot 140-150cm
    A great looking Emerald Green hedge, at 140-150cm tall you can space these plants at 1 or 2 plants per metre, 1 and they will grow into each other within a year or two, and 2 plants will give an instant looking hedge straight away 40 cm wide Learn More
  20. Trachelospermum Jas. Wall Frame 150cm x 90cm 25 Litre Pot
    Frame 150 high and 90cm wide. Ideal for partitioning areas of the garden or patio or even as a flowering hedge/screen. All summer and into late autumn this evergreen star jasmine exudes the aroma of the Med. Learn More
  21. Prunus lusitanica Angustifolia 55 Litre Pot 220/250cm

    Field Grown Extra Large Portuguese Laurel. Plant 1 per metre or 60-70cm for instant.

    Ready To Roll

    Learn More
  22. Betula Utilis 15 Litre Pot
    Betula Utilis Jacquemontii is a deciduous, elegant tree with icy- white peeling bark from a very young tree.Long yellow-brown catkins in spring. Learn More
  23. Black Bamboo 18 Litre Pot 230-250 cm

    A beautiful clump forming black bamboo with arching habit. Canes normally green the first year becoming mottled dark brown or black. Grows in fertile moist soil in full sun or dappled shade.

    Very Tall (some 3m) and already black in the canes.

    Learn More
  24. Hydrangea mac. Runaway Bride Snow White 6 Litre Pot
    Special Price £22.50 Regular Price £37.50

    Lacecap white flowers, some flushed with pale pink, on semi-trailing stems. A bit of collectors plant in a nice large bush

    Just starting to finish flowering

    Learn More
  25. Laurel Hedging Rotundifolia 3 Litre Pot 60-70cm

    New 2020 Stock. Growing hard with fresh shoots all over them. They should make over 100cm by the end of the season. Plant 2 per metre or 3 if you want thicker faster.

    Learn More
  26. Polystichum Setiferum Herrenhausen 2 Litre Pot
    Polystichum Setiferum are evergreen fern with erect, leathery, lance- shaped dark green overlapping fronds forming shuttlecocks Learn More
  27. Skimmia Japonica Pabella 5 Litre Pot
    Dense clusters of white flowers in spring followed by huge clusters of berries that start white and turn bright red. The best one to get for winter. Self fertile. Usually rudely expensive, but from us....... fabulously good value! Learn More
  28. Trachelospermum Jasminoides 2 Litre Pot 100/120cm
    Pure white highly perfumed flowers are produced in mid and late summer Learn More
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