Thuja Hedging

For an evergreen conifer hedge or large screen there is nothing better. Thuja stand clipping very well and un-like leylandii can recover if you get a little ambitious with the cutter. When you brush the bright green foliage, the scales release an enjoyable scent of spice. The bright green new growth turns darker with age and bronzes in winter.

Thuja will grow about 45-60cm each year.

Thuja Occidentalis grows a little slower and makes a standalone conifer as well as a neat formal hedge

Where to Site Your Thuja

Fantastic hedge, many sizes and options available to sort all needs.

How to Grow and Look after your Thuja

They thrive well in shade as well as sun.

Thuja hedging trim them once or twice a year with a hedge cutter or shears

They don't want to stand in water other than that they will grow anywhere and all soils. Virtually trouble free.

Feeding Thujas Give them plenty of organic fertiliser in early spring to keep them looking lush.

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  1. Thuja plicata Atrovirens 2.5 Litre Pot 70/80cm

    A great plant that can be planted at 2/3 to the metre, this is only a guideline, you can plant them further apart if you wish. this plant has brilliant looking foliage that is a dark green.


    Learn More
  2. Thuja Emerald 35 Litre Pot 140-150cm
    A great looking Emerald Green hedge, at 140-150cm tall you can space these plants at 1 or 2 plants per metre, 1 and they will grow into each other within a year or two, and 2 plants will give an instant looking hedge straight away 40 cm wide Learn More
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