Laurel Rootballs

Root balled hedging is a great way to get large hedging plants for less of an outlay. They are dug from the fields fresh where they grow much fatter than in containers. Please allow a little extra time for delivery. If your order is urgent call us to see if there are any already dug.

 Rootballs are only dug from November - March

Laurels are great from rootballs, you get a very bushy plant that grows away very quickly. Plant them as soon as you get them, leave on the sack, (wire net if they are very large) and plant in well drained fertile soil. They do not like to sit water-logged. If you have very wet soil improve the drainage or pick something else.

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  1. Laurel Hedging Root Ball 160/180cm
    Chunky field grown Laurel. Plant 2 per metre. 60/70cm wide Learn More
  2. Laurel Hedging Root Ball 175/200cm
    Chunky field grown Laurel. Plant 50 - 60cm apart for instant screening. Learn More
  3. Laurel Hedging Root Ball 180/200cm Extra Wide
    Chunky field grown Laurel. Plant 1 per metre or 80cm apart for instant screening. Digging Now Special offer ends the 28th February Learn More
  4. Laurel Hedging Root Ball 200/225 cm
    A huge laurel at 200/220 cm tall and nice and wide at about 80/90 cm. Plant at 75 cm apart for an instant screen out. Learn More
  5. Laurel hedging 230-250cm Root Ball Super Wide
    These are huge specimens at 230-250cm and 130-140cm wide. A completely different beast to the normal hedging plant. Grown and clipped as specimens, wide most of the way up and across. They weigh roughly 200 kilos each and are not for the faint of heart. Plant about 1.3 apart for instant screening Learn More
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