Boxed Leaf Holly

Ilex Crenata Or Boxed Leaved Holly

A beautiful evergreen shrub with scalloped green foliage so very similar to the box hedger.

 If you have suffered with box blight and are worried then opt for the ilex, you can barely tell the difference and is a great alternative. A tough versatile shrub.

Where to Site Your Boxed Leaved Holly

Used mostly for slow growing, dwarf hedges, ideal for partiers and topiary

How to Grow and Look After your Boxed Leaved Holly

A versatile hedger that is happy in most locations. Plant in full sun or partial shade. In both exposed and sheltered sites in moist well drained soil.

As they are slow growing, they will only need a prune, once a year.

Granular fertiliser can be applied in spring

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