Box Rootballs

Root balled hedging is a great way to get large hedging plants for less of an outlay. They are dug from the fields where they grow much fatter than in containers. You can Pre-Order your rootball hedging from now and get an early order special price on top of the existing hedging discount. To qualify....You must only order items from the rootball section, be able to take the delivery before Christmas and pay in full with your order.  The special price ends 31st October 2019

 Rootballs are only dug from November - March

Box or buxus are probably the easiest plant to establish from a rootball. They have so much bushy root you could almost do them anytime of year. Just don't plant them without watering them well in the first season and plant them in well drained soil. They like a good feed now and then to keep them green.

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