Privet Hedging (Ligustrum)


Privet hedges are a great way to decorate your garden and can provide structure to any landscape. They can be used as natural outer borders to define the edges of your garden or even as a way to create different sections within your outdoor space. Privet hedge plants are fast-growing, aesthetically very beautiful and semi-evergreen hedge plants. This means they preserve most of their foliage all year round, creating a constantly solid yet natural boundary for your garden. Once established, privet hedging doesn’t require a great amount of maintenance, making this form of hedge ideal for gardeners of all levels and abilities, allowing you to focus your attention on other areas of your landscape. 

Here at Grasslands, we have a great selection of privet hedging for you to choose from. While they all vary in size, all privets are grown and sold in pots to make it quick and simple for you to plant your hedge when you get it home. Have a browse through our extensive collection and see which hedges best suit your garden. 

A variety of choice 

Our ligustrum ovalifolium green privet is a tall privet plant reaching heights of 160cm. This hedging shrub comes in a 20 litre pot, so you will need a fair amount of soil space to plant these privets. However, they are ideal for creating a tall, thick and full boundary around your outdoor space - the perfect green alternative to a wooden fence or stone wall. With oval shaped, dark green leaves and creamy white flowers that form in summer, these garden barrier plants are ideal for providing a structural feature all year round. The flowers are usually followed by black berries that birds love, also providing your garden with a new source of wildlife.

Another great privet hedge for sale is our green privet. It comes in a three litre pot and represents our most economically efficient privet. They grow almost anywhere and usually retain most of their leaves in winter, especially when plated in a sheltered environment. Green privet hedges can be clipped to any size or shape, making them ideal for gardens in which space is at a premium. They smell great in mid summer, attracting wildlife such as bees, butterflies and other insects to your garden, and are used everywhere, from countryside cottages to urban estates. This robust and cost effective plant is most regularly used in locations in which space is very limited. We recommend planting three green privet plants per metre to create an instant screen for any outdoor space.

Caring for your privet hedging 

Ligustrum are one of the few plants that will tolerate most soils, including sand, clay or chalk based earth. This makes it relatively simple to maintain and suitable for all garden types and landscapes. However, these hedges do require a certain amount of attention at specific times during the year. Regular pruning in summer months produces the best privet bush shape, as it maintains the hedge’s border and prevents it from becoming overgrown and messy. We recommend that you trim your privet bushes immediately after they have flowered, and then perhaps an additional three of four times throughout the summer. Your hedges will become bushier - with sparser areas more likely to fill out - if they are pruned correctly and frequently. 

Expert help and advice available

Whatever your needs, at Grasslands we’re here to offer our expert advice when it comes to privet hedging. Remember, our team are always on hand at our Knusford nursery each day between 9:00am and 4:30pm. We are also always here to take calls and emails with any questions you have about your garden.

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  4. Green Privet 10 Litre
    Green privet in a 10 litre pot grown at 150-160cm. Plant 2 per metre for an instant look or stretch them out and wait a season Learn More
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