Leylandii Hedging

With over 300,000 leylandii hedge plants sold each year, making it by far and away the most popular hedging plant in the UK, leylandii hedging is a staple of landscape gardens up and down the country. This fast growing evergreen conifer is characterised by its flattened sprays of greyish-green foliage and its upward-curving branches. Leylandii truly does have the ability to enhance the look of any outdoor space.

Aside from their beautiful aesthetics, leylandii hedge plants can also be used as a functional living boundary capable of providing privacy and shelter to your garden. Although semi-regular maintenance is essential when it comes to leylandii, these versatile and practical plants can be used as an effective windbreak - offering shelter to more exposed landscapes - while also suppressing noise levels from nearby properties and neighbouring roads. So, whether you live in a busy urban area or in a rural landscape open to the elements, leylandii hedging is a practical and attractive choice you might want to consider. 

Choosing the right leylandii for your garden

Here at Grasslands, we have a broad range of hedging for sale. We offer a selection of leylandii plants in a number of colours, shapes and sizes. This includes everything from our ever popular three litre pots of castlewellan gold with their beautiful and incredibly dense golden-yellow foliage to our much larger 55 litre pots of green leylandii hedging - our fastest growing variety which is capable of developing into effective screen hedging almost instantly.

All of our pots are ready for immediate planting upon purchase - all you need to have ready is the space in your garden! This quick and easy method of planting means our leylandii can be used by gardeners of any level or ability. So, regardless of whether you are a greenfingered pro or a landscaping novice, you certainly won’t struggle to find the right leylandii plant to perfectly complement the look of your garden in our wide range of options.

Caring for your leylandii hedge

Leylandii hedge plants are highly versatile and will typically tolerate most soil types, including clay, chalk, sandy and loamy soils. They grow best in full view of the sun or in partial shade, and can even develop well in exposed windy landscapes and coastal locations. 

The fastest growing conifer in the UK, leylandii will regularly grow up to 3ft per year and can reach breathtaking heights of 130ft if left completely untrimmed. Thanks to the superfast nature of its growth, when it comes to pruning, leylandii will need a serious trim at least once a year. However, we recommend cutting your leylandii hedge two or three times a year - ideally in spring and summer. Upon planting a new leylandii, it is important to only prune your hedge once it has reached your desired height. This will ensure the hedge maintains a nice shape and encourages outward growth to improved density.

Further information and in-depth advice

For any additional information about leylandii hedge plants, or any plants in our hedging range, simply explore our website or contact us directly. Why not also take advantage of our knowledgeable team’s extensive gardening expertise? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or online - we’ll be delighted to answer any questions you may have and offer in-depth advice. Alternatively, you can drop into our Knutsford nursery and speak to us in person. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Green Leylandii Hedging 2.5 Litre Pot 60-80cm
    Green leylandii Hedging, Wide, faster growing variety, Plant 2 to the metre Learn More
  2. Leylandii Castlewellan Gold 45 Litre Pot 220/240cm

    This is the Golden Variety of Leylandii which grows roughly 20% slower than a Green Leylandii. Well over 2 metres tall and 60 cm+ wide.

    Learn More
  3. Green Leylandii Hedging 30/35 Litre Pot 220/240cm

    Plant 2 per metre or push them a bit tighter if you want instant screening.

    220-250 tall and 30-40cm wide.

    Plant and take the tops out at the hieght you require to make them bush out fast.

    Learn More
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