Leylandii Hedging

If you want an evergreen screen or privacy in a hurry, these are for you. You either love them or hate them, but there is no other form of hedging that will do the job as quick and economically. There are two branches to the family and they are variations of green or gold coloured. Golden leylandii grow 20% slower than green leylandii. Up to 90cm in one year is achievable with the green variety. They will grow huge left un-cut and will easily achieve 20 metres in 20 years. For smaller gardens pick the golden forms. Apart from the fact they are evergreen and green or gold, there is little more to say about them. 

Clipping Leylandii
As they grow rapidly they will need trimming a couple of times a year. It is wise to keep on top of the trimming as you do not want to trim into the brown as they will struggle to re-generate new growth from here, plus it won't leave for an attractive hedge. It is also important to keep anything temporary from making contact with the plant as this too will turn the plant brown where the foliage is covered. This includes allowing rubbish to grow under the base. Sharp shears or hedge cutter and go easy.
There is not really anything that really they dislike. They grow in all soils and most positions. If you have deep shade use Thujas. Apart from poor clipping they are trouble free.
Feeding Leylandii
Give them plenty of organic fertiliser in early spring to get them to the height.

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  1. leylandii
    Green Leylandii Hedging 3 Litre Pot 40cm

    Green leylandii Hedging, Wide, faster growing variety, Plant 2 to the metre Learn More
  2. Green Leylandii Hedging 7 Litre Pot 140/150cm
    Gold Leylandii Hedging Excalibur 4.5 Litre Pot 80-100cm

    Excalibur - a new introduction - are a slightly slower growing variety with brighter yellow tips and a bit tougher, Plant 2 to the metre Learn More
  3. leylandii
    Leylandii Castlewellan Gold 120/140cm 15 Litre Pot

    This is the Golden Variety of Leylandii which grows roughly 20% slower than a Green Leylandii. At 120cm to 140cm this tree should be planted at 1 per metre, or up to 2 per metre for an instant hedge. Learn More
  4. leylandii
    Green Leylandii Hedging 2001 200/225cm

    The 2001 variant is a more compact plant making it ideal to create a thick hedge. Learn More
  5. Green Leylandii Hedging 15 Litre Pot 175/200cm
    Green Leylandii Hedging 25 Litre Pot 230/250 cm

    Green leylandii Hedging. Pot Grown huge specimens 230-250 cm tall and 60-70 cm wide tapered. Plant 1 to the metre and wait a season - the optimal - or two for instant screening Learn More
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