Hawthorn Hedging

When you’re after a plant that can serve as a practical and natural screen hedge, while at the same time providing a striking aesthetic feature to your garden, our traditional English hawthorn hedge could be exactly what you’re looking for. This stunning garden planter makes for a beautiful yet prickly hedge that will not only enhance the look of any garden, but also provide the ideal intruder-deterrent for your outdoor space.

Native to the UK, hawthorn hedge plants are synonymous with their glossy green leaves, cream fragrant flowers and dark red berries. If you are looking to attract wildlife to your garden, hawthorn is the ideal hedge planter. It’s common for wrens, robins and blue tits to nest inside hawthorn hedges, where they are protected by the plant’s prickly thorns and can feast on the small berries that provide them with a rich source of nourishment. 

Although traditionally used on farms to prevent livestock from escaping, this deciduous plant is now a staple of gardens and landscapes up and down the country. Here at Grasslands, you’ll find great value hawthorn hedging plants for sale as part of our large hedging plants range. All of our hawthorn plants are professionally grown and nurtured at our 30 acre site in Cheshire, guaranteeing quality.

Planting your hawthorn

You can plant our three litre pots of hawthorn hedging at any time of year, but to guarantee strong early development we recommend planting in autumn, winter or spring. The process of planting is easy - simply dig a small hole of 60x60cm wide and around 30cm deep and add a layer of compost to the bottom of the hole before bedding your hawthorn in. 

Initially it’s worth using a rigid tree stake in order to fully support the young plant and protect it against strong winds. Once this is done, simply apply an all purpose granular feed such as chicken pellets and water well. When it comes to soil, hawthorn plants are not too particular and they thrive in most soil types including chalky and alkaline rich soil. Unlike many hedge plants, hawthorn actually prefers wet or moist conditions. These plants are very versatile and flourish when planted in full view of the sun or in partial shade, but they can also survive in sheltered and shady locations, making them suitable for all landscapes.

Looking after your hawthorn hedge

Hawthorn, or quickthorn as it is commonly known, are very low maintenance plants which need little attention once they are established. While a fully grown hawthorn can reach heights of between four and eight metres, this can take up to 50 years. This means that usually, hawthorns only require cutting back once or twice a year, and only to remove dead growth or to thin out overly bushy areas.

However, it’s important to remember, pruning a hawthorn too early in its development could stunt growth and damage the shrub. These plants should only be pruned once they have had time to fully mature and are at a height of at least 4ft. Also, this should only be done during the winter months when the hedge is dormant.

More information

For more information about hawthorn plants, simply follow the links on this page or contact us directly using our online form. If you’re after more in-depth advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts by phone. We’ll be happy to provide any further information or a professional opinion about selecting the correct hedge for your garden. Finally, to talk to us in person, why not pop down to our nursery in Knutsford? We look forward to hearing from you!

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