Griselinia Hedging

At Grasslands, we strive to provide an eclectic selection of hedge types for every variety of garden. When it comes to hedges that can serve as a natural screen boundary even in particularly exposed, coastal and seaside landscapes, you should find exactly what you’re looking for in our wide range of griselinia hedging plants.

Also known as New Zealand Broadleaf or New Zealand Privet, griselinia plants are renowned for their leathery apple green leaves, as well as the small clusters of greenish-yellow flowers and the small purple fruits that grow on the female plants during spring. Yet, the main attraction of this lovely garden planter is the privacy offered by the griselinia hedge’s dense foliage, which remains intact all year round. 

Similar to our range of Elaeagnus shrubs, griselinia hedging plants are incredibly resistant to strong winds, meaning they are the ideal hedge plant to offer protection and shelter to gardens that are naturally more exposed to the elements. They also react well to seaside exposure and are highly resistant to damage by salt winds, making them perfect for coastal landscapes.

Caring for your griselinia hedge

Our griselinia hedging is a low maintenance evergreen plant that can thrive in many different areas of the garden. While best suited to coastal areas, griselinia plants will also flourish inland and can withstand temperatures as low as -15 ⁰C. They cope well with being planted in both shaded spots and partial sunlight but tend to grow best in full view of the sun.

Feeding your griselinia plant, and ensuring it’s receiving all the nutrients it needs to develop at a good rate, is important. If the colour of your hedge begins to fade, this is a sign your plant is hungry and requires additional nurishment. In order to keep your hedge healthy, we recommend occasionally applying an all-purpose granular feed such as chicken pellets to the underlying soil. This will aid healthy development and is of particular benefit to weak, new and recently trimmed hedges. When it comes to the soil itself, griselinia is not too particular and will tolerate a wide range of alkaline and acid-rich soils. However, planting in waterlogged areas should be avoided if possible. 

If you are looking to form a boundary hedge quickly, griselinia shrubs should be planted between 60 and 75cm apart. On average, you can expect them to grow at a rate of around 45cm per year and, if left untrimmed, they will reach heights of around three metres tall. As with all fast-growing hedges, we recommend adopting a ‘little and often’ mentality to pruning your griselinia. It’s a good idea to give your hedge a substantial prune between late spring and early summer - don’t worry if your hedge needs a serious cutback, griselinia has a sturdy structure that can withstand heavy pruning. After this, simply trim any untidy branches and shoots if and when required.

Need advice?

Here at Grasslands, we offer an impressive range of griselinia hedging plants, all at great-value prices. Whether you want to add hedging to provide shelter to an exposed garden, a new hedge feature in a seaside landscape or simply a natural screen to your outdoor space, we can help.

Simply click on the links throughout this page for more information about these plants. 

Remember, you can also contact us directly if any further help or advice is needed. Our team of gardening experts are available by phone or online, as well as in person at our Cheshire nursery. You’ll find us on Free Green Lane, Knutsford. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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  1. Griselinia Littoralis Hedging 3 Litre
    Handsome evergreen shrubs and hedges, grown for their oval, glossy leathery green leaves. Ideal as wind breaks in coastal areas Learn More
  2. Griselinia Littoralis Green Horizon 5 Litre
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    Griselinia Green Horizon is a brand new variety that is hardier and bushier than the straight forward littoralis. Glossy and beautiful foliage. Ideal as wind breaks in coastal areas Learn More
  3. Griselinia Littoralis Bantry Bay Hedging 5 Litre
    Griselinia Littoralis Bantry Bay is variegated variety, creamy yellow centres with a green edge. Ideal as wind breaks in coastal areas Learn More
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