Fast Growing Hedges

Our fast growing evergreen hedges can help you to transform your outdoor space within a very short period of time. Perfect if you want to hide unwanted views or create a new boundary, these plants provide a quick and convenient landscaping solution.

Choose from a wide selection of options, including laurel, leylandii and thuja. The plants in this collection are easy to care for and can put on as much as two to three feet of new growth in a single season. So if you don’t want to wait around to see impressive results, these hedges could be exactly what you need.

Like all of our plants, they are professionally grown, nurtured, picked and packaged on our 30 acre site in Cheshire. This means you can be sure that your new hedging will be top quality. We also pride ourselves on our low prices, so getting the right quick growing hedge for your garden may cost less than you think if you shop with us.

Fast growing hedges to suit all gardens

Our evergreen fast growing hedges include green and golden leylandii. Green leylandii is a particularly fast growing conifer that forms a dense hedge. It can grow up to 30 metres if left unchecked, so it requires trimming once or twice a year. Golden leylandii features attractive sprays of yellow foliage, which is sometimes tinged bronze. This variety grows around 20 per cent slower than green leylandii, but it still benefits from regular trimming.  

Both of these varieties of leylandii look superb year-round and are a great choice for anyone looking for quick growing hedges for privacy. They are robust and can thrive in most conditions, but for best results, they should be planted in well-drained soil in full sun or part shade.

Laurels are also extremely popular, including cherry laurels. These vigorous, spreading evergreens have large, glossy, dark green leaves and they blossom with white flowers followed by red fruits. They’re easy to grow and quickly form dense walls of foliage, meaning they need regular pruning to maintain the desired shape and size. Portuguese laurels are another superb hedging plant. Giving a more formal look, they have dark red shoots that bear deep green leaves. They also produce white flowers, which are followed by small, dark purple fruits. Portuguese laurel is slower growing than cherry laurel and it is tougher, meaning it’s able to withstand exposed sites.

Check out our thuja varieties too. Thuja - cedar - are fast growing conifers that naturally grow in a conical shape and feature flat sprays of aromatic yellowish green leaves. Slower growing than leylandii, they are hardy and like most soil types, as long as the ground isn’t too wet. These plants are very easy to maintain and care for.

Perhaps you like the look of our elaeagnus hedging. These medium evergreen shrubs have simple grey green leaves and flower with tubular blooms in clusters, followed by a small fruit. They can grow up to three metres and perform best in fertile, well-drained soil.

Choose from a range of different sized plants and pots

Our fast growing hedges are available in a variety of different sizes. You can choose from small plants provided in petite 2.5 litre pots right up to much larger, more well established plants in huge 230 litre containers. So, whether you want an instant hedge or you’d prefer to start small, you’ll find something to suit.

Once you’ve chosen the plants you want, simply place your order. You can buy online, over the phone or directly from our nursery in Knutsford. The choice is yours.

More information and advice

If you’d like more information about any of these products, simply click the links on this page. You can also contact our expert team by phone or online form if you have any questions at all. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to help.

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  1. Portuguese Laurel 1.5 Litre Pot 25/30cm

    Portuguese Laurel or Prunus Lusitanica Myrtifolia. New seasons at 25cm. Plant 2 or 3 per metre and watch them burst out next spring and make you a 3 foot screen by June. Learn More

  2. Laurel Hedging 1 Litre Pot 25/30cm

    Nice fresh container grown starter sized laurel plant 2 or 3 per metre. If you ever get tempted by bare root laurels, stop and buy these. Bare root laurels very often completely fail. These little beauties are, not a lot more, and are safe to plant any time. Learn More

  3. Laurel Hedging Rotundifolia 3 Litre Pot 30-40cm
    Special Price £5.00 Regular Price £6.80

    New 2020 Stock. Growing hard with fresh shoots all over them. They should make over 100cm by the end of the season. Plant 2 per metre or 3 if you want thicker faster.

    Learn More
  4. Portuguese Laurel Myrtifolia 3 Litre Pot 30-40cm
    Special Price £5.50 Regular Price £8.45
    Myrtifolia is a finer leaved form that from 2 metres away look like bay laurels but they are much hardier. New seasons at 30 - 40 cm. Plant 2 or 3 per metre Learn More
  5. Gold Leylandii Hedging Excalibur 4.5 Litre Pot
    Special Price £7.95 Regular Price £8.75
    Excalibur - a new introduction - are a slightly slower growing variety with brighter yellow tips and a bit tougher, Plant 2 to the metre. 90/100cm Learn More
  6. Green Leylandii Hedging 4.5 Litre Pot 110/120cm
    Special Price £8.95 Regular Price £9.95
    Green leylandii Hedging, Fast growing variety, Plant 2 to the metre Learn More
  7. Laurel Hedging 5 Litre Pot 60cm
    100% of 100
    Nice fresh bushy Laurel, smothered in new growth. Average height is about 1 metre. Plant 2 per metre Learn More
  8. Thuja Brabant 120/130cm 15 Litre Pot

    A great plant that can be planted at 2 to the metre, this is only a guideline, you can plant them further apart if you wish.

    A chunky pot grown thuja

    Learn More
  9. Gold Leylandii Hedging Excalibur 7 Litre Pot
    Excalibur - a new introduction - are a slightly slower growing variety with brighter yellow tips and a bit tougher, Plant 2 to the metre 100/110cm very bushy Learn More
  10. Prunus Lusitanica Brenelia 7 Litre Pot
    Special Price £22.50 Regular Price £26.50
    Nice bushy pot grown plant at 80 cm tall and very bushy. The new shoots also come through a deep red colour giving this form extra attraction.This new form grows quicker than the usual so will make you hedge much faster. Plant 2 per metre. Learn More
  11. Prunus Lusitanica Myrtifolia 7 Litre 80-100cm
    Bushy pot grown example at 80-100cm. Plant 2 per metre to form a hedge. Learn More
  12. Laurel Hedging 120-130cm 15 Litre
    Extra wide bushy field grown and potted plants. Plant up to a metre apart and wait or 2 per metre. Learn More
  13. Portuguese Laurel 110/120cm 12 Litre Pot
    Special Price £41.00 Regular Price £51.00

    Portuguese Laurel at 110/120cm.

    Pot grown from 2019.

    Learn More
  14. Laurel hedging 25 Litre Pot Grown 120/130cm
    Special Price £48.00 Regular Price £54.00

    New Season ready to go. Heavy potted field grown stock that within a month will be 160-170cm Very bushy and will screen out fast. 2 per metre for instant or 75cm apart for optimum room.

    New 2020 Stock

    Learn More
  15. Green Leylandii Hedging 18 Litre Pot 225 cm
    Green leylandii Hedging. Pot Grown huge specimens 230-250 cm tall and 40-50 cm wide tapered. Plant 1 to the metre and wait a season - the optimal - or two for instant screening Learn More
  16. Thuja Brabant 210/230cm Extra Fat 55 Litre Pot Ready June

    A great wide and bushy tree that will make you an instant screen when squeezed up to 2 to per metre. Or you can plant them further apart if you don't mind waiting till later this year for screen out.

    Learn More
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