Fargesia Bamboo Hedges


Are a smaller form of bamboo hedging or screening. They still grow to 2-3 metres tall so will screen a road or single story but will not get tall enough to screen out upstairs windows. It sounds a bit un-neighbourly, but no one likes to be overlooked, so if you need a taller screen and are thinking bamboo then go for phyllostachys. The positive side of fargesias are that they do not get huge are less likely to escape the garden. They also do well in troughs and pots. If it's beauty in smaller packages, then these are for you.

Where to Site Your Fargesia

Used mostly for hedging, screening and pots

How to Grow and Look After your Fargesia

Grow in fertile, moisture retentive soil in partial shade away from cold drying winds.

Remove any weak, dead or damaged stems in spring, cut out on any flowering shoots to discourage more from forming.

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  1. Fargesia Robusta Rufa 3 Litre Pot
    Fargesia Robusta Rufa is a very hardy non invasive tall growing form. Purplish new shoots mature to green with white papery sheaths. A nice part grown plant at already approx. Learn More
  2. Fargesia Nitida Black Pearl 3 Litre Pot
    Fargesia Black Pearl is a great form if you like black canes. Often mistaken for the black phyllostachys. Learn More
  3. Fargesia Robusta Pingwhu 9 Litre Pot
    Pretty green canes and naturally clump forming bamboo. Learn More
  4. Fargesia Robusta Formidabile 9 Litre Pot 70-90 cm
    Fargesia Robusta Formidabile a great non invasive variety with green canes with the cream sheaf creating a stripe affect. Long narrow green shaped foliage Learn More
  5. Fargesia Angustissima 30 Litre Pot 100/125
    Fargesia Angustissima are highly attractive variety producing bright magenta and lime green coloured new shoots. These are covered in a cream coloured sheath which produces white powder on the leaves which can give a frosty appearance. Just moved up from a 15 Litre to keep them looking fresh Learn More
  6. Fargesia Winter Joy 15 Litre Pot
    Winter Joy is a beautiful selection. Called so because it keeps a lot more leaf in winter. A nice bushy specimen at approx. 160-170cm Learn More
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