Lavender Hedging

Lavandula or Lavender

Lavender on a traditional evergreen shrub /perennial. They are grown for their attractive fragrance and beautiful eye-catching flowers. No garden is ever complete without one. They are perfect for attracting bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects into the garden.

Where to Site Your Lavender

Lavender are perfect for planting in borders, pots often used as a flowering dwarf hedge. Great for sensory gardens.

How to Grow and Look After your Lavender

Lavender are very easy to grow, plant in well drained soil in full sun, once established they are drought tolerant.

Its best to prune them in late summer after they have finished flowering, this keeps they compact and attractive. Don’t cut back into the woody stems as they don’t always break new growth there that easily.

They don’t even require feeding.

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