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Elaeagnus Hedging

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If you’re searching for a hedge that will serve as a natural boundary in a particularly exposed or coastal landscape, our elaeagnus hedges could be exactly what you’re looking for. Our large variety of evergreen elaeagnus provide low-maintenance hedging options ideal for inclusion in flower beds, borders or natural screen hedging. 

Characterised by their scaly green foliage - with some varieties also displaying leaves rimmed in vibrant yellow - elaeagnus bear fragrant, creamy white flowers between late spring and early summer, which are often followed by small orange and red berries in autumn. 

Whether you’re looking to make use of elaeagnus for privacy in your garden or want to add a splash of colour to your hedge rows, at Grasslands you’ll find an impressive range of great value elaeagnus plants for sale, each with their own distinctive characteristics and attributes. As with all of our hedging plants, our elaeagnus are professionally grown and nurtured at our 30 acre site in Cheshire, guaranteeing the highest quality.

The right elaeagnus for your garden

We have a great range of elaeagnus hedge plants for you to choose from. From our Elaeagnus Compacta, which makes for a perfect quick-growing screening plant with its dense bushy foliage, to our Elaeagnus Limelight shrub with its glossy, dark green leaves and yellow and lime green markings, ideal when you want to inject a touch of colour into any natural garden border. You’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for with us.  

Elaeagnus hedges are very resistant to wind and offer great protection for more exposed landscapes thanks to their dense foliage and shiny, silvery-looking leaves. They are also incredibly resistant to damage by salt winds, making them ideal for coastal locations and seaside gardens. 

How to grow and care for your elaeagnus

Elaeagnus hedges are generally hardy and fast-growing plants which will tolerate almost any soil type, including clay-based soils and areas prone to drought. However, they can occasionally struggle when planted in waterlogged soil. These popular hedges can be planted in either shaded or partially-shaded locations, although they tend to develop best in bright and sunny areas as this encourages them to flower and fruit during spring, summer and early autumn.

While elaeagnus are suitable for small to medium size hedges, they can grow up to 6ft if left completely unpruned. Indeed, this hedge plant is relatively quick-growing and if untrimmed will grow around 1 to 1.5ft in height per year. So, while elaeagnus is relatively low-maintenance, at least a certain level of care is required to keep your hedge in check.

When it comes to pruning, it’s a good idea to adopt a ‘little and often’ mentality. This will keep your hedge under control and in a manageable shape. However, we also suggest that a heavier regime of pruning in late winter, ahead of the new growth that comes with spring, will best aid your elaeagnus’ development.

More information

If you’d like more information about elaeagnus hedging to ensure you make the best choice for your garden, simply follow the links on this page or contact us directly. You can reach our team of experts by phone or online. We’ll be delighted to answer any questions and offer in-depth advice. You can even pop into our Cheshire nursery to speak to us in person. You’ll find us on Free Green Lane, Knutsford.

Once you’ve decided which elaeagnus hedging plants you want, you can make your order on our website or in person at our nursery.

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