Box Hedging (Buxus Sempervirens)

Buxus hedging is a very popular choice among gardeners and is ideal for planting low borders, getting creative with your topiary and framing your path edges. Also known as box hedges or Buxus Sempervirens, these plants are slow growers, only usually achieving growth at a rate of around 10-15cm every year. This means they are very manageable in terms of upkeep, making them perfect for gardeners of all levels. They are very easily trimmed and simple to keep to a desired shape. If grown to height, these hedges can also offer an idyllic green barrier perfect for providing your garden and home with natural privacy, as well as acting as a dense sound barrier to protect your home from noise pollution. 

Potted box hedges

Here at Grasslands, we aim to provide a wide range of hedges that will suit all types of gardens. We know that not everybody has the means to nurture buxus hedge plants from their early stages of growth, which is why we offer box hedging plants for sale at heights of up to one metre. These 40 litre potted plants are very large and grown in our fields, before being transferred to large pots to keep them fresh for planting all year round. Our box hedging plants are ideal if you’re looking for an instant, dense hedge plant for potting in your garden. They look great when they are planted in groups or can be used solely for practising your topiary.

We also offer box hedges housed in containers of six for quick and easy planting. 

Planting conditions

Box hedges are very tolerant plants and can adapt to all types of soil and planting positions. Taking that into account, hedges can be planted anywhere in your garden and, with a little care, they should thrive in almost all conditions. However, it is best to avoid very waterlogged or boggy sites, as buxus hedges do not prosper in watery conditions. Once the hedges have been established, don’t worry too much if you forget to water them for a day or two because they are usually pretty drought-tolerant.


If you ever find yourself faced with a battered, overgrown or even a neglected box hedge, don’t panic. This native species of hedge is very resilient and reacts well to being pruned. We often suggest, if you have an overgrown box hedge, it is best to prune it within 30cm of the ground. They will recover very quickly from aggressive pruning and shoots will start to appear soon after you have pruned the hedge. Established buxus hedging need only be pruned twice a year - the first time between late May and the middle of June, and then again between September and October to prepare the hedge for winter. It is important to remember that pruning should be done when the weather is cloudy and overcast. This reduces the chance of the freshly trimmed leaves from burning. While the act of pruning will damage part of the leaves, turning them brown shortly after trimming, these brown leaves will drop after a couple of weeks and will be replaced by new shoots.

We strive to provide the best quality service we can here at Grasslands. We understand that all of our customers have their own unique requirements and our expert team of gardeners are on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have about your box hedges. Whether you want to purchase hedging or you’re simply looking for advice, the nursery is open seven days a week. Alternatively, you can head to our contact us page for details on how to get in touch with us via phone or by email.

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  1. Box Sempervirens Hedging 30cm 1.5 Litre Pot
    Box Sempervirens Hedging 25cm 12 cm Pot

    Nice chunky pot grown hedging plants at 25 cm high, plant at 4/5 per metre Learn More
  2. Box Sempervirens Hedging 30 cm 2 Litre Pot
    Box Sempervirens Hedging 45cm 1.5 Litre Pot

    Nice chunky pot grown hedging plants at 45cm high, plant at 4/5 per metre. Huge plants for the size of pot! Learn More
  3. Box Sempervirens Ball 25cm 5 Litre Pot
    Box Sempervirens Hedging 40-45 cm 3 Litre Pot

    Bushy pot grown hedging plant at 40-45 cm and established in the pot for planting any time Learn More
  4. Box Hedging 10 Plants in a Tray 10-15cm
    Box Hedging 10 Plants in a Tray 10-15cm
    100% of 100

    Box hedging, 10-15cm high. For the patient gardener who doesn't mind waiting and enjoys watching plants grow. Very easy planting, all you need is small trowel. The idea is 1 pack per metre of hedge. Learn More
  5. box 25/30cm
    Box Hedging 35/40cm 7.5 Litre Pot

    Potted over winter from the field making them super fat bushes at about 30 cm wide. For an instant hedge plant 3 or 4 to the metre. Learn More
  6. box 25/30cm
    Box Hedging 50-60 cm 10 Litre Pot
    Special Price £12.00 Regular Price £14.90

    50/60cm tall and 35cm wide. For an instant hedge plant 3 to the metre. Learn More
  7. Box Hedging Jumbo 6 Plants in a Tray 20cm
    Box Hedging Jumbo 6 Plants in a Tray 20cm

    Box hedging, 20cm high. In a handy tray for easy planting, these bushy buxus are a great way to get a formal hedge at little outlay. 6 plants per pack - 1 pack to the metre Learn More
  8. Box Hedging 80-100 cm
    Box Hedging 70cm 15 Litre Pot

    70cm plus tall and extra wide. Potted from our field grown bushes, making them extra fat bushes- 40cm wide. Plant 2 and a half to the metre for an instant hedge. Learn More
  9. Box Hedging 6 Plants in a Tray 20cm
    Box Hedging 8cm Pot 14 Tray Mega Pack

    Box hedging, this is a fantastic option for a starter hedge at a great price. aprox 15cm high now chunky little monkey and very easy planting option. 1 Tray will cover 2m Learn More
  10. Box Sempervirens Hedging 30 cm 2 Litre Pot
    Box Hedging Instant Hedge Trough 30cm Tall & 45cm Long

    Create partitions on the patio, balcony or in the garden without having to plant in the soil. Learn More
  11. box 25/30cm
    Box Hedging 90-100 cm 40 Litre Potted
    Special Price £30.00 Regular Price £39.25

    Super fat field grown bush potted into a large pot to keep it fresh for planting all year. For an instant, dense hedge plant 2 to the metre. Or buy a few and make your own topiary. Learn More
  12. Box Sempervirens Hedging 30 cm 2 Litre Pot
    Box Hedging Instant Hedge Trough 30cm+ Tall & 60cm Long
    Special Price £40.00 Regular Price £48.00

    We have potted extra wide bushy rootballed plants into a rather decorative plastic terracotta look trough and clipped them into a neat instant hedge. The extra large pot will sustain them better for creating instant hedging around the patio or pavement seating areas. The trough is 60cm long with 30cm tall extra wide clipped bushes above. SPECIAL PRICE FOR ONLINE ORDERS ONLY Learn More
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