Beech Hedging

Here at Grasslands Nursery, we aim to provide an eclectic range of different hedge types for a variety of gardening needs. One of the hedges we have on offer is the traditional English hedger, the beech hedge. This lovely garden planter is known for its bright green and copper foliage, with oval leaves that turn to a shade closer to yellow or a rich sunset brown in the Autumn months. Although these hedges are not evergreens, they do manage to retain some of their leaves during the winter, but they are mostly deciduous plants. As the spring months begin to roll in, the hedge’s leaves return and start to flourish as the weather gets warmer. 

Beech hedge plants are not just chosen for their beautiful leaves, they can also be used as living barriers to provide privacy for your home and garden, as well as being used to suppress noise pollution from neighbouring properties or nearby roads. Hedges of this size can help to filter out the harmful CO2 emissions that come from cars and traffic. So, if you live near a road, you may find that beech hedging is a practical and attractive choice.

Caring for your beech hedge

We recommend that you clip or prune your hedge only once or twice a year, depending on how quickly your hedge is growing. Usually, in the plant’s second year, you will notice a much faster rate of growth. This is because, after the initial year, the hedge and its roots will become more established, which means it will be able to take up more nutrients and water from the soil it is planted in. 

When pruning the hedge, we suggest using hedge loppers or, if you have the time, use secateurs as it will leave the hedge looking a lot neater and tidier. Although beech is a deciduous species, when pruned towards the back end of summer, new growth will appear before the hedging plant becomes dormant in the winter months. If done correctly, the new growth from the previous pruning will mean the warm copper hue will stand out during the cold winter months, providing your garden with a beautiful touch of colour at a time when outdoor spaces can often appear lacklustre. 

Our beech hedging can thrive in many different areas of the garden. They can withstand the fluctuating, and often harsh, British weather and can cope well with being planted in both shaded spots and in sunlight. However, it will grow best in partial sunlight.

If you are looking to build a bigger and more structured landscape in your garden, then hedges are a great way to achieve this. Having a variety of different uses, these natural barriers can work to help you model an idyllic landscape. We offer beech hedges in two different sizes. You can choose from a 20 and a 30 litre pot, both of which are perfect for planting straight into the space you have in your garden. This easy method of planting means our products can be used by any level of gardener. So whether you’re a novice or a pro, with a little care, you should be able to enjoy your beech hedging for many years to come.

Need advice?

If you have any questions regarding the upkeep of the beech hedges, or if you need some advice on where to plant your hedge, simply come to our nursery in Knutsford or alternatively you can call our expert team of gardeners who will be more than happy to assist with any queries you may have. Alternatively, you can check out the plant advice section on our site.

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  6. Purple Beech 25 Litre Pot 180/200cm

    Purple beech at 180-200 cm. For a hedge plant 2 or 3 to the metre or more for an instant screen

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  7. Purple Beech 25 Litre Pot 200-220cm

    Root Balled Purple beech at 175-200 cm. Plant 2 per metre or squash them up into each other if you want more instant impact.

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