Bay Laurel Hedging

Laurus or Bay

They are evergreen and have glossy, aromatic leaves. These leaves are often used in cooking. In spring the Laurus Nobilis bears clusters of green-yellow flowers which are followed, on female plants by black berries.

Where to Site Your Laurus

These beautiful fragrant shrubs are perfect for hedges, flower borders, pots and training as topiary. Such a versatile shrub with many uses.

How to Grow and Look After your Laurus

Best suited to fertile soil in full or partial sun and should be sheltered from cold winds.

Regular pruning is not required but can be trimmed to maintain the shape in late spring.

If you are choosing to plant these in pots, then opt for a peat-based compost with extra grit to improve drainage. They will need regular watering and a good granular fertiliser from spring onwards.


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