Bare Root Hedging

Bare root is a great option to do large hedges on a budget. For planting advice please click  You will have a few issues with getting bare root plants if you do not read up on advice page and even if you do it will still mean a few failures. Of particular concern is beech or fagus. Order an extra 20/30% because you will lose some and they are cheap enough to make it worth a go. Unless you are green fingered keep away from bare root laurel. Otherwise have a go the savings are huge. Don't gamble and leave it after the end of March unless it's buxus or box, which have so much root you could almost do all year. If you can't be bothered reading our advice page at least do yourself the favour of a couple of basics, and that's, whatever height they come as, cut them back by at least 1/3 when you plant them and keep them moist when out of the ground. Good luck! 

 Bare Root Season 2017 is underway.

Hedging Discount: Spend £250 get 2.5% Discount, £500 get 5% Discount, £1000 get 10% Discount.

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