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Whether you’re searching for traditional native plants, evergreens or perhaps something a little more unusual, you should find it right here.

We have one of the best ranges of hedging and screening plants available online, including fast growing and instant hedges. All of the hedges for sale on our website and at our nursery are professionally grown and cared for by our expert horticulturalists, so you can be sure you’re getting strong, healthy plants when you come to us.

Hedging for every outdoor space

We’re confident that we’ll have exactly what you need, and all of our plants are sold at trade prices, meaning you benefit from superb value for money when you buy hedges from us. Our selection includes everything from the hugely popular glossy leafed Cherry Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus) to Bamboo Hedging that helps you to create that exotic, jungle-like look in your garden.

If you want plants that grow in a hurry and offer year-round foliage, our fast growing evergreens could be ideal. They include Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus), Portuguese Laurel (Prunus Lusitanica), Thuja and Leylandii. These hedges are easy to look after and will increase in size by between two and three feet each season. In general, our evergreens are great when you want to block out unwanted views or create a boundary that stays thick and full throughout the year.

Our collection also includes Instant Hedging Troughs that create a screen as soon as you put them in position. These extra wide Root-Balled Plants are presented in decorative plastic terracotta look troughs and come neatly clipped, meaning all you have to do is place them in the right spot in your garden. They are specially designed to remain in the pot, meaning they’re extremely easy to care for. This also gives you the flexibility of being able to move your hedges around in the future if you wish.

Check out our Box Hedging too. We tend to stick to Buxus sempervirens for box hedging because of its bushiness and the fact that it grows vigorously, meaning it takes shape quickly.

You’ll find flowering hedging plants in our range as well, such as Photinia (also known as Red Robin or Christmas Berry) and Pyracantha. In addition, we stock everything from Laurus Nobilis (Bay Laurel) and Beech to Yew and Holly Hedging on our site.

With so many options, you won’t struggle to pick out the right hedging solutions for your garden.


Buying hedging from us is quick and easy. You can make your purchase online or if you’d prefer to speak to someone, simply call our order line 01565 745932. Alternatively, you could pop into see us in person at our nursery.

Advice & Help

However you choose to make your purchase, our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our hedging and to help you make the right choice. Our specialists all have in-depth knowledge on hedges and can advise on the conditions that particular plants need to thrive, how quickly they grow and how big they will get, as well as how to care for them.

Premium quality at affordable prices
Premium plants at affordable prices
Our plants are expertly grown and cared for, before being sold at excellent prices to retailers and the public.
Strong reputations within trade and retail sectors
Renowned within British horticulture
Grasslands Nursery are a trusted and respected nursery, with a reputation for producing top-quality plants.
Expertly grown with care on site
Expertly grown and cared for
Our team of horticulturists care for our products to ensure happy, healthy plants which are ready for sale.
Fully independant with specialist knowledge
Specialist knowledge and support
We want our plants to live a long, healthy life so we’ll advise you about planting on purchase and share tips on our blog.
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