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Heavy Duty Tree Staking Kit

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Tree Staking Kit for larger trees and pleached frames. Kit consists of 2 x 3 inch x 6 foot round treated uni-posts, crossbar and rubber tree pad with belt. Not Sold Without Trees

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When planting larger trees, pleached frames and items that will need heavy staking, it's important to have the right kit. The two stake method allows you to sink in the stakes without smashing through the roots of the plant and doubles the security of the plant. The stakes should go in either side of the root mass and sunk down into the soil deep enough to be solid and leave a good metre above for fitting the crossbar. Get them right as you are going to looking at them for a couple of years or more. Nice and neatly aligned and positioned so that when the crossbar is fitted the tree will be pushed at, not away from it, in the prevailing wind. This should mean that there is less strain on the rubber belt. The rubber pad sits against the crossbar and with the belt looped through behind it. Put 2 screws through the bung making sure the screws are rebated into preformed holes in the pad. If you can try and miss catching the belt itself so you can adjust where the buckle ends up. If it's too far out on the buckle side you will not be able to tighten it enough on a smaller tree. It's a good idea if you make sure you are happy with the siting of where the tree needs to be before you put in the second stake as it can be tweaked round a little easier than bending or repositioning the tree to enable tying up. Nicely placed and well thought out staking can improve the look of these necessary essentials no end. You will need a post knocker or sledge hammer, 2 screws and 4 nails for the crossbar for each kit.

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