Thuja or Western Red / White Cedars

Are commonly known for their use as an alternate hedge to leylandii as they form a dense hedge but at half the rate.

 Some varieties of Thuja are ideal feature conifers making them perfect for flower beds and pots.

They have flattened sprays of foliage and respond well to being trimmed.

Where to Site Your Thuja

Often used as hedges, but also makes for a lovely ornamental conifer, some varieties are dwarf and are ideal for pots , rockeries and part of mixed flower borders.

How to Grow and Look after your Thuja

They like to be planted in moist well drained soil and can take sun and shade.

Ornamental Thujas won’t require as much pruning only light haircuts to keep them in shape

Use a granular fertiliser come springtime,

It is know that thuja occidentalis contains a high percentage of vitamin c if you use the needles - but we have never tried this one.

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