Cryptomeria or Japanese Cedar

Evergreen conifers with beautiful foliage, soft awl shaped leaves spiralling around the branches, that have fantastic autumn foliage colour. Cryptomeria have a very bushy habit and are very hardy.

Where to Site Your Cryptomeria

They look very pretty in a cottage garden, rock garden or as a low maintenance shrub. A beautiful tactile conifer.

How to Grow and Look after your Cryptomeria

Japanese Cedar can grow is most soils conditions, but they do prefer fertile, acidic and consistently moist (not soggy) well drained soil.  

Ideally in a full sun position or semi shade

Feed with a slow release shrub and tree fertiliser in late winter early spring before they start to grow. It can also be done again in early summer.

They don’t require pruning, but any damaged branches should be removed and any stray branches that make it look untidy.

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