Araucaria or Monkey Puzzle Tree

Araucaria - Monkey Puzzle - a beautiful feature conifers with spiral spiky branches needle like, evergreen triangle sharp leaves. When older they will produce brown cones on the upper branches.

Grown for their unusual foliage, arching branches, and the drama that they create and can add to any garden.

Where to Site Your Araucaria

Stunning conifers that are best planted on their own as left untouched these can reach up to 12m

How to Grow and Look after your Araucaria

Monkey puzzles will grow in full sun or part shade It is very resilient and adaptable to almost any type of soil, even clay, provided it is moist.

Mature plants are resistant to breakage and even short periods of drought once established. Newly installed outdoor monkey puzzle care should see the plant trained to grow

Best not planted next to power lines

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