Abies or Fir Tree

Abies - fir - are large bushy conical shaped evergreen conifers. With spiral like branches, on the upper branches they have large beautiful cones that open whist still on the tree.

Abies range in sizes from large varieties to the perfect garden size conifer. Double check the heights on the varieties. Although most are very slow growing.  

Where to Site Your Abies

Stunning conifers, that can be positioned in borders, features or as screening.  

How to Grow and Look after your Abies

A versatile conifer that grow in most aspects of the garden, in most soil conditions, they do prefer the more acidic side if possible.

Feed lightly with a balanced fertiliser during the growing months.

If it’s a young tree, then keep the root moist until established.

They don’t require pruning, maybe the odd little tidy up to the conifer in the conical shape.

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