Wisterias a lovely woody twining climber with beautiful perfumed flowers, you can train them to climb anywhere, your garden will be brightened up with Wisterias white, purple or pink flowers.

If you opt for a half / full standard and which to use it as a feature, then don’t plant near other plants or structures otherwise they will cling to them.

Where to Site Your Wisteria

Perfect for climbing up & around, obelisks and arches & fencing they can weave through your shrubs and hedge.

How to Grow and Look after your Wisteria

Wisterias like a sunny spot but will grow in the shade, they like well-drained soil however they will dry out so they need to be kept well-watered, and fed in the spring with grow more, and if the soil is sandy you really should use flowering shrubs fertilizer to add a bit of Potassium

If you have a smaller garden or even a patio that you need brightening up Wisterias can be kept in pots and pruned when needed, Feed you Container grown Wisterias Miracle grow to ensure that it keeps on flowering, A very hardy climber and not difficult to plant. 

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