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  • Rootball Or Pot Grown?

    At this time of the year we always get asked about Rootball plants and how they differ to our potted plants. In this Blog I will go into a bit of detail about our Rooball plants and what it means to get a rootball plant over a potted one.


    Firstly wherever you go to get your rootball plants, a true rootball will only be available from November through to March. The only reason they are available at this time is down to the weather, this is the coldest time of the year and as such the plants will enter dormancy when it gets too cold.

    This is the ideal time to get these out of the ground because as the roots go dormant for the year they can be picked up and moved around quite freely and then re-planted into a new area before the plants wake back up. So long as everything is done correctly the plants will start growing in the new area just like how they were in the ground before they were dug out.

    Pot grown plants on the other hand do "what they say on the tin" they are pot grown meaning that from a sapling they have been grown in a pot and as they have grown they have been re-potted into larger sizes and given more room to grow into and grow larger.


    But what is the big deal about rootball plants, why do so many people like them and why not just get pot grown plants?

    As you have just read above about the Pot grown plants, Rootball plants are a little different in that they have been planted into the ground when they were young and have just been left alone for years to grow into a full and established plant.

    Once established they are then dug out from the ground and put into a Hessian sack. This sack is biodegradable and made in such a way to allow roots to grow through them meaning they are super simple to put into the ground. Not to mention because they have been allowed to mature in open soil, the plants usually are a fatter plant compared with one in a pot which is why people tend to want to get rootball hedging over the pot grown specimens.

    So as you can see there are quite a few reasons to pick a Rootball plant over a potted plant but if you want to get some reserved then you better act fast as they are only available from November to March, But it is entirely possible our stock may sell out soon!

    Please find all our Rootball Plants here

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