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  • Plant Focus - Azalea Japonica Mothers Day

    Plant Focus - Azalea Japonica Mothers Day

    Since the big day is on its way, maybe you have no idea on what you are going to buy for Mother's Day this year. Will it be the same standard bunch of flowers or maybe chocolate that could ruin your mum’s diet! If you are stuck for ideas and don't feel like getting the same bunch of flowers and card you get every year, maybe treat her with this beautiful Azalea "Mother’s Day" or (Fête des Mères).


    The Azalea Mothers Day is a great plant to get which will earn you brownie points. As it looks great & will remind your mum for years to come of the great gift that you bought once this is planted. The plant itself is a dwarf evergreen azalea meaning it will not get too tall and remain at a smallish size no matter how much attention it gets making it ideal for low maintenance.

    It can grow up to 1 metre tall however this is the plants' fully mature state after years of growing, the Azalea itself has dark glossy foliage that bronzes over in winter, and produces masses of rosy-crimson flowers about 5 cm wide at the end of spring.


    With Azaleas you have to be careful about the soil you are putting the plants into, as this plant is an "acid-loving" plant, meaning the soil will need to have a special "Ericaceous" compost dug in to make the ground to make it more hospitable for this Azalea.

    Aside from the acidic soil that's needed they are not a fussy plant. Sun or Shade, they are more than happy and are sure to grow into a great shrub for the garden. Especially if you need something to fill in a gap in your border, however the more sun the Azalea can get, the better it will do.

    Hopefully this gives you a great ideas for all you who have not yet sorted out a gift for this weekend!

    Please do pop into our nursery if you have the time to pick one of these great Azaleas up (and maybe a few other plants for the garden while you are at it?) Or if you can't join us in the nursery please take a look on our online store:

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