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About Grasslands

We’re a family business who have been providing retailers and the public with shrubbery, trees and other plants grown in our nursery for over 35 years.


A trusted and respected nursery for over 35 years

Grasslands Nursery was originally founded by Steve Watmore in 1984 as a wholesale nursery, supplying top quality plants to landscapers and other nurseries. In the mid-90s, we started selling shrubbery directly to the public, which proved very popular. As our reputation continued to grow, we decided to launch a website in 1998.


This allowed us to reach customers nationwide! Today, we sell an expansive range of plants all professionally grown, cared for, picked and packed by our expert team of horticulturalists. Whilst our business may have changed and grown over the years, it’s remained in the family and we’ve always stayed focused on growing happy, healthy plants!

Providing to the public  & retail for over 30 years Providing to the public  & retail for over 30 years
Our Mission

Delivering premium quality plants at excellent prices

We pride ourselves on growing our plants with the utmost care and attention, to ensure that we provide our customers with healthy, high quality plants that brighten up their gardens.

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Why Grasslands?

We pride ourselves on supporting and sustaining British horticulture

We have an incredible team of horticulturalists here at Grasslands, who provide expert care and attention to all the plants grown. They will do everything from picking the best spot in the nursery to grow the plant, to potting the plants ready for sale. They will continue to monitor the plant’s growth throughout its time at Grasslands and even provide expert aftercare advice on our blog.

A large proportion of our plants will then be sold to other nurseries, landscapers and garden centres, for excellent wholesale prices. We like to think we’re making a blanket of shrubs, plants and greenery right across the UK!

Premium quality at affordable prices
Premium plants at affordable prices
Our plants are expertly grown and cared for, before being sold at excellent prices to retailers and the public.
Strong reputations within trade and retail sectors
Renowned within British horticulture
Grasslands Nursery are a trusted and respected nursery, with a reputation for producing top-quality plants.
Expertly grown with care on site
Expertly grown and cared for
Our team of horticulturists care for our products to ensure happy, healthy plants which are ready for sale.
Fully independant with specialist knowledge
Specialist knowledge and support
We want our plants to live a long, healthy life so we’ll advise you about planting on purchase and share tips on our blog.

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