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Crab Apple

Crab Apple

Malus or Crab Apple are small to medium sized deciduous trees which are suitable for small gardens and are a very popular ornamental tree. They flower in April and May producing stunning pink and white blossom. Many varieties also bear attractive, edible fruits during the Autumn months. It is important to read up about fruits before picking them to make sure they are safe to eat. Crab Apple trees thrive in moist but well drained soil and enjoy full sunlight. These trees do not need regular pruning but dead or diseased branches should be removed in late Winter or early Spring using a sharp pruning saw. If planting trees staking is often needed, but it should be no higher than 60cm (2ft) above the ground. Tree Staking advice

The timber from Crab Apple trees has a uniform texture and is perfect for woodworking if dried slowly. The fruits are excellent for making crab apple jelly and are even used for making wine. Traditional folklore tales mention that Malus trees also have romantic properties and can determine if a love is true. Throw the apple seeds into a fire whilst saying the name of you love, if they explode the love will last. 

  1. Malus Rudolph 30 Litre

    Malus Rudolph 30 Litre Pot


    Crab apple Rudolph bear bright pink flower buds opening to red, whilst the foliage unfolds to reveal bronze red colouring. Orange-red fruits follow the flowers. Learn More
  2. royalty

    Malus Royalty 30 Litre Pot Full Standard


    Malus Royalty is a small compact tree with purple foliage and an abundance of deep purple flowers in spring and long lasting red fruits in autumn. Learn More
  3. Malus Everest

    Malus Everest Full Standard 45 Litre Pot


    Malus Everest - Crab Tree - showy flowers in spring and ornamental or edible fruit in autumn; some have good autumn foliage colour. Stem height 180/200cm, Girth 10/12cm

    Learn More