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The Rhododendron Hybrid's are the traditional variety that will grow large eventually and needs to be in acidic soil. They are evergreen shrubs that have dense colourful funnel shaped, sometimes fragrant flowers, that last throughout late spring early summer. They thrive in acidic soil and full shade (but also dapple shade).

Rhododendron Inkarho are a newer variety to the rhododendron family. These particular rhododendrons are a breed with special features. The Federal Centre for Breeding Research on cultivated plants in Ahrensburg developed rootstocks, which means rhododendrons can be grafted on to these rootstocks. This makes them extraordinarily lime-tolerant and develop a particularly robust root system. All reliable and popular Rhododendron sorts are grafted on them. They can be dwarf or large growing depending on the variety. With the much loved dense colourful funnel shaped, fragrant flowers, that last throughout late spring early summer.  

 Rhododendron Yakushimanum is the ideal plant for smaller gardens as it is a dwarf growing variety.

How to plant rhododendrons

Choose the spot where you can enjoy the rhododendron. Dig the hole twice as big as the pot, but no deeper than it. Add any compost if you need to. Once that is done pop your rhododendron in the hole - the key thing to rhododendrons is they don't like to be planted to deep as they are surface rooting and don't like to be drowned by compost. Also don't pile on the mulch as the lower branches don't want to be covered over. Once in the hole, back fill with soil and firm down. In the dry spells remember to water untill they are well established in the ground.

  1. Rhododendron Hanceanum Shamrock

    Rhododendron Hanceanum Shamrock 4 Litre Pot


    Small evergreen rounded shrubs that bears clusters of lovely yellow flowers in late Spring

    Learn More
  2. Rhododendron Impeditum Ramapo

    Rhododendron Impeditum Ramapo 4 Litre Pot 30-40cm


    Ramapo dwarf evergreen rounded shrubs with clusters of small starry purple flowers in April

    Learn More
  3. Rhododendron Hanceanim Princess Anne 4litre

    Rhododendron Hanceanim Princess Anne 4 Litre Pot


     Rhododendron Princess Anne, bears clusters of lovely bright yellow flowers, long lasting, in late spring

    Learn More
  4. PRAECOX 3 litre

    Rhododendron Praecox 3 Litre Pot


    Rhododendron Praecox is one of the earliest flowering Rhodo's in late winter to early spring. An evergreen, dwarf shrub with a rounded shape, really will brighten any garden. With its lilac flowers that fade to a soft white amongst glossy green foliage

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  5. Rhododendron Baden Baden

    Rhododendron Baden Baden 4 Litre Pot


    Rhododendron Repens Baden Baden are small, evergreen shrubs. Bears clusters of lovely red flowers in late spring with rounded glossy green leaves Learn More
  6. Rhododendron Blue Tit 4 Litre Pot

    Rhododendron Blue Tit 4 Litre Pot


    Rhododendron Blue Tit a dwarf upright variety with blue flowers in May. Excellent for rockeries,patio pots or at the front of a border. Learn More
  7. Rhododendron Hybrid Goldfinger 3 Litre Pot

    Rhododendron Hybrid Goldfinger 3 Litre Pot


    Rhododendron Goldfinger bright yellow leaves edged in green with light purple flowers that bloom in late spring. Learn More
  8. Cunningham's white 5 litre

    Rhododendron Hybrid Cunningham's White 5 Litre Pot


    Rhododendron Cunninghams White are evergreen rounded shrubs with dark green leaves that bear clusters of bell shaped white flowers with yellow blotches in spring. In Flower Now Learn More
  9. rhodo yak half

    Rhododendron Yakushimanum Dusty Miller Half Standard 10 Litre


    Dwarf rhododendron grafted on a 70cm stem. Dusty Milller has a natural dusty coating over the leaves and pinkish cream flowers in spring. Learn More
  10. Rhododendron Hybrid Roseum Elegans 20 Litre

    Rhododendron Hybrid Roseum Elegans 20 Litre Pot


    Rhododendron Hybrid Roseum Elegans

    Bears clusters of lilac flowers in May-June, Rounded mid green leaves

    Learn More
  11. cunninghamsWhite

    Rhododendron Hybrid Cunninghams White 20 Litre Pot


    Cunninghams White Bears clusters of white flowers in May-June 

    Learn More
  12. red jack

    Rhododendron Hybrid Red Jack 20 Litre Pot


    Rhododendron Red Jack bears clusters of bell shaped red flowers with rounded mid green leaves Learn More
  13. Marcel Menard

    Rhododendron Hybrid Marcel Menard 20 Litre Pot


    Rhododendron Hybrid Marcel Menard has lovely deep purple flowers with green speckling in the throat, set against dark green foliage Learn More