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Nandina, which is also known sacred bamboo are an evergreen or semi-evergreen. They have erect shoots and alternate leaves which are reddish-purple in winter in their younger years. Nandina are grown for their flowers which are white with yellow anthers. These are star shaped and show in mid-summer. Nandina flourish in well-drained soil in a sheltered spot. They do not need regular pruning but should be dead-headed after flowering.


  1. Nandina Domestica Flirt

    Nandina Domestica Lemon and Lime 3 Litre Pot


    Nandina Domestica Lemon and Lime - compact evergreen shrub in spring new growth is yellowy green, but over time they turn a richer lime green. To appreciate the brightness of the shrub best planted in full sun

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  2. Nandina Domestica Obsessed 9 Litre

    Nandina Domestica Obsessed 9 Litre Pot


    Nandina Domestica Obsessed - compact shrub with dark green leaves that are smokey purplish red when young and also in autumn/winter. Bears small white flowers during midsummer. Learn More