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Carex or sedge as it is commonly known as are very hardy aquatic, bog or grass like plant. Carex can be deciduous or evergreen bearing linear or strap shaped leaves with long spikes of tiny green or brown flowers, Carex like full sun or part shade and are very low maintenance. Carex need to be cut back after it has flowered other than this they are a very easy hassle free plant.

  1. April 2017

    Carex Elata Aurea 3 Litre Pot


    Carex Elata Aurea are deciduous grasses with attractive narrow yellow foliage edged in green 

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  2. Carex Oshimensis Eversheen 3 Litre

    Carex Oshimensis Eversheen 3 Litre Pot


    Carex Oshimensis Eversheen tuft forming perennial which has bright lime yellow foliage with green trims. Ideal for all year round colour. Plant at the front of the border or in containers.

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  3. April 2017

    Carex Everillo 2 Litre Pot


    Evergreen tuft forming compact grass with attractive, bright yellow leaves with curly ends Learn More
  4. Spring 2017

    Carex Evergold 2 Litre Pot


    Carex Evergold is a New Zealand hair sedge which is a lovely domed, tuft forming perennial which has narrow green leaves that are striped with gold. Learn More
  5. Carex Irish Green

    Carex Irish Green 3 Litre Pot


    Carex Irish Green are semi evergreen grasses with thin green strap like foliage that over hangs pots beautifully 

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