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Verbascum - or mullein are tall perennials that are perfect for back of the borders. They have large, velvety green leaves on which tall flower stems are produced that will last right up until the frosts. Once the have flowered they are followed by seed pods, if you don't trim them back these will set seed and you will get more verbascums. They are very easy to grow like sun or part shade with nice soil. Verbascums have a long medicinal reputation and they can be found in herbal stores, they are know to help with lung disease and minor  remedy for the skin, throat and breathing aliments.

  1. verbascum jackie

    Verbascum Olympicium 2 Litre Pot


    Verbascum Olympicium is a tall and stately perennial with masses of yellow rosettes up tall spires, Learn More
  2. Verbascum Dark Eyes 3 Litre

    Verbascum Dark Eyes 3 Litre Pot


    Verbascum Dark Eyes is a dwarf variety that bears masses of pale yellow rosettes with purplish red eyes

    Learn More