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Thymus or thyme are evergreen woody based perennials. They have a heavenly fragrance from the beautifuly coloured small foliage,they produce two lipped tubular clusters of pinks, purples and white flowers in late Spring and Summer, Thyme has a bushy habit and grows well in nice soil with a little of sun - the more the better. After they have flowered they can be pruned hard back to keep them a nice formative shape. All thyme are attractive to bees and can be grown in borders, rockeries and pots, some varities will need protecting for Winter. The best part about growing thyme is the handyness of growing you own fresh herbs for cooking - no more forgetting to purchase it from the supermarket. To the Greeks thyme means smoke due to the lovely fragrance it lets off constantly and it was also used as part of the mummifaction process as it made them smell good. 

  1. Thymus Doone Valley

    Thymus Doone Valley 2 Litre Pot


    Thymus Doone Valley heavily fragrant thyme with green foliage that has yellow variegation and throughout summer prodcues lilac-pink flowers Learn More
  2. Thymus Doone Valley

    Thymus Red Carpet 2 Litre Pot


    Thymus Red Carpet heavily fragrant thyme with green foliage with deep purple flowers Learn More